The Change over...what exactly has happened?

A lot of members are very concerned regarding the changes now in force.  This is an explanation of what exactly is happening and why.

Question; I like the group as it is, why can´t you just leave it alone?


The reason we need to make changes is because the group has now grown to a size where it is becoming difficult to manage.  If we do not address the issue now, the problem will only get worse.  The only way we can avoid changes is to remove the last 5,000 members and close the group for further membership , and clearly that is not an option.  We have already seen a few posts on the group of members complaining the group is not as friendly as it once was.  As admin we recognised this fact several months ago, and started to prepare the path to address the issue.  This web site and forum have been many months in the making. Their purpose is to keep the harmonious atmosphere in the group we have all grown to love. If we do not make the changes, then changes will take place which are not under our control and the group will go the path everyone is frightened it will go.



The role of Admin.


Many of you are aware that admin monitor the site as constantly as possible.  Yes we are watching for swear words, nudity, bullying etc.  But did you know we also monitor the site for accuracy of information.  We will step in when someone is given advice which we know to be wrong.  


What exactly is a forum and how is it different from the group?


The group is currently being used as a forum and a chat site at the same time.  


A forum is a system whereby members can ask questions from people who know the facts on a variety of different subjects.  


When questions are asked in a forum the questions and answers are stored for future reference.  They are logged together so they can easily be recalled, when the subject comes up again.



A chat site is simply a means of keeping in touch on line with several friends at the same time.  The group page is much more suited as a chat site.  Questions and discussions take place but the thread disappears within minutes as soon as the subject loses interest.  To recall that subject you would need to remember the name of which of those 15,000 people asked the original question. Furthermore this also means if a person asks a question and does not get an immediate response, their question will disappear within minutes. The use of a forum prevents this.


On a chat site people are inclined to answer questions with an opinion rather than with any degree of knowledge.  Your opinion is important when people ask for your thoughts on a hotel, apartment, restaurant etc.  However when someone asks about legal issues for example regarding working in Spain, your "opinion" is of no use to them. They need facts.  If a member answers a question with misinformation and the post then scrolls out of site.  That is of no benefit whatsoever to anyone.    


With a forum, that answer is seen and removed if it is inaccurate.  Also people who do not really know the answer are less likely to comment as their answer will be seen by people who do actually know the answer.


I don´t know how to use a forum, it frightens me.


First let me put your mind to rest.  A forum is no more difficult to use than the group.  It is however a lot easier for admin to monitor.  Members who do not wish to ask questions on the forum or to comment on anyone else's question, do not need to join the forum.  You will still be able to read the questions and answers.  If you do wish to comment in the forum it is necessary to register.  Again we have made this as easy as possible. Choose "log in  with facebook "and facebook will provide all the information we need, which is simply your name and email address and do it for you.  Hey presto you are in and a member with one click.  Facebook will even add you profile picture to your forum profile.   If this is still a worry to you speak to any member of the admin team or to the forum moderators and they will be pleased to talk you though it.


How will I know when to post in the forum and when to post in the group?


The flow chart above will provide a guide as to where a post should go.


Is the group then going to finish?


Most definately not.  Just as there are 15,000 members who love the group.  There is a totally dedicated admin team who give so much of their free time every day to this group, (I am writing this at 3.45am) to make sure the group runs smooth and that everyone is made to feel welcome.  What we are doing is to make sure this group not only survives, but to keep it harmonious while still offering the most up to date and accurate information regarding Benidorm you will find on the web.


Let me give you an example.  Many of you will remember several months ago when the group was in its infancy.  We had problems with people constantly turning every post negative regarding pea men and pickpockets etc.  We had members telling us they where frightened to go to Bendiorm.  We took the stance to stop these post and confine them to one area on the page.  The result was the subject virtually died.  People who had no interest no longer had these post pushed in their faces first thing every morning.   We did not remove the facility to talk about crime.  We just put it somewhere where you did not have to see it if you didn't want to.  The posts no longer angered you. Result.... no arguments and harmony restored.  What we are doing now is applying the same principle to every subject which is repeated time after time.  What are the best deals on airport transfer? What is RIo Park Hotel like? What is the exchange rate? What will the weather be like in November?...The list goes on and on.  These questions used to be asked every day.  They are now being asked 4 or 5 times per day.  Admit it, they are starting to get on your nerves too.  Try spending 6 hours each day monitoring the group and you will get the idea.  


What we are trying to do is to take all the questions which come up time and time again and place them where the answers can be found quickly.  When the subject of Hotel and restaurant reviews come up they are grouped together in one place, rather than repeated day after day after day.


If the members work with us to achieve this, the end result will be a group full of vibrant and interesting chat about current events in Benidorm with plenty of room for humour.  Just like we had before.




To assist us to do this we need you to consider the flow chart above before posting to the Forum or Group. The difference will become very clear very quickly.  


We also need you to help others.  If someone posts a question which should have been directed to the forum. Instead of answering the question.  Point out the error and help them redirect it to the forum.  When questions are asked repeatedly.  Reply with a link as to the answer, don't keep answering it over and over again.  In time if the subject is of no interest to you, you will not have to keep seeing it day after day after day.


Visit the web site often and familiarise yourself with where things are.  That is how you will help others find them.  


If you do know what you are talking about regarding Benidorm. Join the forum and visit it often.  Help those who have important questions and who need facts.


If you just want general chit chat with friends in the group, that's ok too.  You do not need to do anything.  But please do not complain if you ask a question which should be in the forum and the question is removed by admin.  We will be monitoring the group site for swear words bullying etc.  We will be monitoring the forum for accuracy of information.  Therefore a forum question in the group will be removed as we do not have time to keep checking it for accuracy of information.


In more flow chart for you to consider.