16 more arrested in Benidorm for selling counterfeit products

The National Police have completed an operation that has been carried out during October in the town, in which 16 more people have been arrested for allegedly selling counterfeit products of prestigious brands in different street stalls. The agents have confiscated about 3,000 items in 16 inspections carried out, with a value that would exceed one million euros.

Investigators belonging to the Judicial Police Brigade of the National Police Station of Benidorm were aware of the possible sale to consumers of apparently counterfeit products.

The Police agents verified that there were 16 street stalls where their managers were selling products, mostly textiles, of various brands from well-known firms, which showed obvious signs of being counterfeit garments.

The articles presented low quality finish, logos and anagrams allegedly falsified which intended to be copies of the originals. In addition, the police noticed that the retail prices of these products were much less than their sale of original products in authorized establishments and stores of the firms themselves.

Among the items intervened include textile clothing, wallets, bags, belts, scarves , mobile phone cases, footwear and watches of renowned brands.

The 16 detainees of Spanish, Senegalese, Moroccan and Ecuadorian nationalities, aged between 28 and 54, were accused of allegedly committing a crime against industrial property at court number 4 in Benidorm.

On the economic level, the trade of counterfeit and pirated products in Spain is a scourge. Trade in counterfeit goods in Spain represents a high percentage of European trade and represents a very important economic damage for all companies.

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Note – The article above has been translated from Spanish to English so some detail may be lost in this translation, read the original story at www.diarioinformacion.com

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