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250 EXTRA police for November Fiestas

250 EXTRA police for November Fiestas

250 EXTRA police for November Fiestas

Additional police join the more than one hundred staff to ensure safety during the big days and the “Fancy Dress Party”

Full Fiesta Schedule can be found HERE

For today (Sunday), the Local Police will also have the support of the National Police as many local police will be working in the city’s polling stations to ensure that the election day runs normally.

 Benidorm will have about 250 “extra” local police during the fiesta to patrol the streets and ensure that all events and celebrations go smoothly.  

During the six days of the Major Patron Festivities of Benidorm, from Friday to Wednesday, as well as for the “fancy Dress Party” on Thursday, they will patrol the streets of Benidorm  to “guarantee the security and to be able to attend any incident that happens ”, added the mayor In addition, they are joined by the members of the National Police who will also ensure security along with Civil Protection who will participate different events of Fiestas, bringing the total up to 300 police on the streets for busy days and main events.

However, the holidays will last until Thursday when the “Fancy Dress Party” is celebrated, the “unofficial” costume party in which tens of thousands of people participate every year, especially British tourists who travel specifically on these dates to the city for this event, at least 35,000 people are expected where 35 leisure venues in Rincon de Loix take part.

For that day, security will consist of 15 security assistants who will be in charge of control, information and access tasks; a Red Cross ambulance; and local police officers, the National Police and Civil Protection Corps, as well as health services.

How to contact the emergency services

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Note – The article above has been translated from Spanish to English so some detail may be lost in this translation, read the original story at www.diarioinformacion.com


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