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3 more investigated for selling counterfeit goods in Benidorm

3 more investigated for selling counterfeit goods in Benidorm

3 more investigated for selling counterfeit goods in Benidorm

The Guardia Civil of Alicante investigated three people, two women aged 46 and 36 years and a man of 37, all of  Chinese nationality, alleged of three crimes against industrial property for selling counterfeit clothing in retail stores in Benidorm. 617 garments valued at 14,700 euros have been seized.

The Guardia Civil received a series of complaints in September, filed by renowned clothing brands, in which they reported having knowledge that various retail stores in Benidorm could be selling counterfeit clothing that imitated their clothes.

Agents of the Patrol of Prosecutors and Borders (PAFIF) of the Civil Guard Company of Calp, began the investigation of the facts reported and located three alleged infringing businesses.

These three administrative inspections were coordinated and organized to perform them simultaneously, preventing the investigated from notifying each other.

After a thorough inspection of all the garments, both those for sale to the public and those stored in the warehouse, the agents observed that, many of the items, were of low quality, both in the materials used in its manufacture and the logos of the brands.

The owners of the inspected establishments could not prove the origin of these garments, which lacked the mandatory symbols of the registered product, nor did they present any authorization of the registered trademarks, nor the purchase invoice of the wholesale companies, authorized for sale.

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Note – The article above has been translated from Spanish to English so some detail may be lost in this translation, read the original story at www.diarioinformacion.com



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