30 people evacuated from Benidorm Skyscraper

What happens in Benidorm happens here

30 people evacuated from Benidorm Skyscraper

A fire on the 14th floor of a skyscraper in Benidorm has forced the evacuation of some 30 people from the building yesterday afternoon. Nobody was injured.

Sources from the Provincial Fire Brigade explained that the fire started at 4.20 pm on a floor of the Villena building, located on Portugal Avenue in an Apartment where the occupants where currently out.   Apparently, the flames engulfed a sofa on the terrace which produced strong smoke and forced the fire service to evacuate about 30 neighbours on the top floors of the building. Thankfully nobody had to be treated for smoke inhalation and there were no injuries.

The heat of the fire affected the glass of the terrace which has broken and assisted by the wind,   the fire was dragged inside . The fire was extinguished in a short time by the firemen of the park of Marina Baixa, located in Benidorm, who came to the area with four vehicles.

Story courtesy of www.diarioinformacion.com 


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