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4 years in jail for abusing a minor in Benidorm

4 years in jail for abusing a minor in Benidorm

4 years in jail for abusing a minor in Benidorm

A 52-year-old Colombian man has been sentenced to 4 years in jail for a crime of sexual abuse of a minor, who was the daughter of an acquaintance, who at the time 14 years old and was temporarily in his and his partners care.

The abuses occurred during a week of September 2018,  in Benidorm.  The young girl was in his care because the victim’s mother and her partner were traveling.

According to the court, on the night of September 13th last year, the defendant approached the bed where the child was asleep and began to kiss her and take off her pajamas, then, he started touching her breasts, buttocks and vagina, and rubbing his penis against her body, until he tried to penetrate her. However, he stopped his when upon hearing a noise and fearing being discovered.

The minor, meanwhile, told what had happened to her friends at school and it was one of them that alerted her  teacher of the abuse, which allowed the complaint to be filed.

Both the Prosecutor’s Office and the private prosecution requested a sentence of 11 years in prison for the accused, considering that these abuses would have been committed continuously at least throughout the week in which the young woman was under the care of the accused.

The defense, meanwhile, denied the facts. He attributed the complaint of the child to an invention product of the attraction she felt for the accused and called for her free acquittal.

However, the court does give credibility to the testimony of the child and considers it proven that the sexual abuse occurred, based on the manifestations of the victim and her subsequent behavior.

Thus, the sentence condemns the defendant to four years in prison. In addition, it imposes the payment of compensation of 10,000 euros for the moral damages caused.


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Note – The article above has been translated from Spanish to English so some detail may be lost in this translation, read the original story at www.diarioinformacion.com

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