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Five Arrested by National Police after robbery on local Beach

Five Arrested by National Police after robbery on local Beach

The National Police have arrested five people between the ages of 25 and 31.

Agents of the National Police have dismantled in Benidorm a criminal organisation dedicated to stealing , mainly from tourists on the Beaches of the area. In the operation the five presumed members of the same group have been arrested when they finished robbing a tourist of their personal effects.

The events took place early on June 4, when a citizen of the United Kingdom informed the police of having been the victim of a violent robbery on the beach by five men.

The officers immediately arrived at the scene and interviewed the victim, who told them that minutes before and while he was in the sand on the beach, two men approached him with a pretext and, at one point, one of them grabbed him strongly by his left wrist trying to remove his watch.

Faced with the victim’s refusal and reaction, a struggle began, joined by another member of the group who allowed the three to snatch a mobile phone and 120 euros in cash from a backpack.

After the theft, they ran away, where two other members were waiting for them, who, upon receiving the goods, fled  in  opposite directions to make it difficult to follow up.

Apparently, according to the information provided by the Police, each member of the gang had a certain function in the organisation : while two distracted the victims with any pretext on the beach, another was responsible for removing the effects and running to the promenade, where they waited for two other members of the organisation to flee the place in opposite directions with the goods.

The Police established a search  in the vicinity that allowed location and detantion of  the five alleged perpetrators separately for allegedly committing a crime of robbery with violence and belonging to a criminal organisation.

The detainees, between the ages of 25 and 31 of Spanish and Ecuadorian nationalities, have been brought to court today.

The operation was carried out by agents of the Police Station of the National Police of Benidorm.

Story courtesy of Diario Informacion, full Spanish article HERE


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