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Ashley Price Benidorm - 19th Sep 2008 - 2018

10 Years Ago Today (19th September 2018), I left Birmingham Airport to come to Benidorm. No Job, No place to live and £80 in my pocket. I was 18 and Sharon Price´s (Ashleys Mum) last words were “You’ll be back in two weeks”.

I found accommodation living on a balcony and the Liverpool Arms Bar gave me a job propping (giving leaflets out)!

A few months later David Aranguren gives me a start as an entertainer which included a free apartment and that was me with a job and somewhere to live! (thanks mate).

4 years later I meet Jaclyn Price, my beautiful wife who made my life here in Spain complete.  Although we knew of each other previously it was the bright lights of The Square in Beachcomber at 5am where we hit it off! We got married, took holidays around the world, purchased our 1st house and then along comes our amazing daughter Sofía, by far my greatest and proudest achievement.

They say good things come to those who wait...they do not...great things come to those who go out and find them! Take every opportunity and do not care for what anyone else says or thinks, do what’s right for you and yours.

Life can be hard work wherever you are and whatever you do, but hard work pays off and can give you a quality of life you never thought you could possibly have. Well it as me!

10 years with Med Playa, 6 years on the radio, & 6 months with The Flood~Take That...
It’s not going too bad

Happy 10 Year Anniversary Benidorm
It has been all my pleasure.

3rd November 2018, Update

After 10 years of managing entertainment here in Benidorm for Med Playa (Flamingo Oasis,Riudor,Rio Park) Myself, Jaclyn & Sofia are proud to announce that we are the new owners of...The Corner Bar, Benidorm.

We are excited to be taking over an already successful business in a part of Benidorm we love. Jaclyn has worked in the bar for 3 years so already knows the ins and outs and I’ll soon be here every day by her side.  The bar has a great reputation in the area and we have kept on the former long term staff and suppliers to ensure that the same quality food,drink & service continues.

For us as a family this is a huge challenge and as always here in Benidorm, we know we will be supported.
We look forward to welcoming all our friends, old & new to...The Corner Bar Benidorm.

(I will still be on Radio 1 Benidorm & onstage nightly with The Flood-Take That)
See you soon guys...

Ashley is a long time member and a regular contributor to our Facebook Group

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