A new life in Spain - Darren and Claire Hayes


Ok, so after 9 years of planning in July 2016 we made the move to Altea, we knew we were going to be running our own business, so started promoting 4 months before we arrived, arriving mid July with film crew in tow.

We started our new lives, family visiting etc over the first couple of weeks which meant we couldn't really do much business. So after they left we cracked on, and think we are definitely getting ourselves known in and around Costa Blanca even to the point that people are stopping me in the street and saying are you Darren Hayes from Facebook....

We work 7 days a week and sometimes from 8am till 11pm so please don't come over to Spain thinking it's going to be easy. We spent a lot of money setting up our company, paper work, solicitor, accountant and deposit for our house we rent etc, so don't come to Spain with hardly any money as otherwise you will be returning to the UK quicker than you arrived.

We still have a long way to go but believe we are on the right path.

One thing we can say is, we love it here, this is now our home and will not be leaving to go back to the UK...

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