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A Viral Social Media Challenge has forced more than 300 pools to be closed

A Viral Social Media Challenge has forced more than 300 pools to be closed

The viral challenge of defecating in swimming pools has forced more than 300 pools to be closed

A new and scary viral challenge that has spread like wildfire over social media is causing massive problems.  People are urged to defecate in swimming pools and upload images onto social media.  This new craze has forced the closure of over 300 swimming pools in the Alicante and Valencia community alone.  Some of these pools being public ie San Vicente del raspeig (closed 3 times this summer), Alcoy and Mutxamel, most cases are being found in private urbanizations. In all cases, the presidents of the communities of owners say they are groups of 15 or 16 year old kids who sneak into the urbanizations at night to fulfill this challenge.

This disgusting practice causes severe health risks.

The treatment consists of a hyper-chlorination to destroy viruses and bacteria from the stool, which could cause bathers diseases such as Legionella, (Legionnaires’ disease) Gastroenteritis and Conjunctivitis, among others; especially to children, elderly and people with compromised immune systems.   Stools also carry the ecoli bacteria which can enter an open wound.

The presence of feces requires the closure of the facilities  for between 24 and 48 hours to disinfect the water. The owner of the pool must  temporary closure the facilities as a precautionary measure for contamination and reopen it when water quality can be guaranteed.

It is also an expensive practice as specific maintenance and cleaning companies should undertake the job, these charge between 150 and 400 euros to treat the water, depending on the size of the pool.

The janitor of an urbanization in Alicante was astonished when the pool cleaning operator who they had to call to carry out the treatment told him that he has managed to find up to five feces in a single pool.

A single maintenance company has had to purify 15 pools due to the presence of fecal matter.

Original Story Reported in Spanish so some detail may be slightly lost in translation, read the full version of this story HERE



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Julie Clarke

There are some truly REVOLTING people in this world.. I’m all for a good time .. having fun.. having a laugh.. but that isn’t funny on any level.. it’s just foul..