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Benidorm is for everyone

There is something to suit everyone in Benidorm.  The small number of people who have visited Benidorm and didn´t like it, probably just found themselves in the wrong part.  This will help to guide you with regard to where to stay and explain the terms used in our search facility








The Blue Area of the map is Poniente Beach area.  There are two major beaches in Benidorm. Poniente Beach area and the neighbouring bay of La Cala are much more suited to those who prefer a quieter beach holiday with friendly bars and restaurants.

The Orange area is the more modern part of Benidorm Old Town.  This is were you will find most shops etc.  This area tends to be favoured by the Spanish with regard to the food choices in restaurants and Hotel entertainment etc and also those with a preference to simply avoid the hustle and bustle found in other areas of Benidorm.

The Red area is the old town of Benidorm.  Beautiful little narrow streets with loads of restaurants and tapas bars and a pleasant blend of English and Spanish Bars. More suited for those who like to experience some of the old Spanish culture or perhaps like to experiment a little with the cuisine.  This area is also popular with the Gay community and therefore much of the entertainment,  aimed at the British, will be Drag acts in small bars.

The Green triangular area of the map is know as the New Town and stretches across a large part of Levante Beach.  This is the area that receives the unfair description of Blackpool with sun.  It is the area where you will find the Square and the Main entertainment strip.  If you are in search of entertainment this is where you need to be.  Many of the food outlets in this area will serve typical British food.  If you prefer Burger and chips to deep fried squids, this is the place.  We refer to this area  as the British area on our search page”

The expanded Green area to the right of the map is know as the Rincon de Loix.  Still predominantly British, however a little quieter.  Situated in the Rincon De Loix there is an entertainment area consisting of a handful of bars where the main acts from the strip can be seen performing.  These bars tend to not attract the large groups that can often be found in Benidorm for example during Stag and Hen season (March to June), summer when football tournaments are on, or popular fiestas such as St Patricks day and Fancy Dress day in November.  For that reason they are favoured by the older generation, families with young children and those who simply prefer to avoid larger crowds.

Please note.  Many Hotels etc will advertise entertainment.  Please refer to the reviews for details of this as while some hotels use British Entertainment some will have entertainment more suited to the Spanish tourist or perhaps visual acts in an attempt to cater for everyone.  Also please be aware if you are hoping to see a specific act, some of the acts may be exclusive to one bar and may therefore not work in both the Rincon and the Strip. Our admin team will be happy to advise if you require more information, or feel free to check our whats on guide.

QUICK TIP:  If your search produces a zero result, (it is not possible to be five minutes from everything).  Select your criteria in order of priority one step at a time and select show me where to stay.  That will shorten the list on each step and it will become obvious on the zero result which preference is not possible after all your first preferences have been selected


Please note – All information provided on the search page with regards to – Family Friendly, Suitable for groups, Adult Only, ect has been provided by Benidorm Seriously Facebook Group Members.



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Eunice Higgins
Eunice Higgins

Looking for apartment that is wheelchair accessible

Leanna Blevins

Hi Eunice, try using our Accommodation search facility to find apartments that are wheelchair accessible as well as in an area that you would prefer. https://www.benidormseriously.com/accommodation-search/?af=4

Alternatively, we have a list of hotels and apartments that have disabled facilities x https://www.benidormseriously.com/disabled-friendly-hotels-in-benidorm/?af=4

Samantha Campbell
VIP Member
Samantha Campbell

I’m looking for self catering for 10 nights in july 2020 which is child friendly stuff going on for them and air con tia

Jill Shail

Did you not find anything using the search facility? To assist, here are some family friendly accommodation for you, may help to narrow your search down. https://www.benidormseriously.com/accommodation-recommend-for-families/?af=5 or as you are looking for self catering, our local agents should also be able to find you something x https://www.benidormseriously.com/booking-your-holiday/?af=5

Mandy Priest
VIP Member
Mandy priest

Can you recommend long term rental please