Alicante Airport

Alicante Airport - New Safety Measures

There have been changes to the safety measures at Alicante airport aimed at restricting the spread of Covid 19

Updates 10th December re PCR Testing - Spain will today change its coronavirus testing requirements for air travellers arriving in the country. A negative TMA test will be accepted as an alternative to a PCR test, while children under the age of six will not have to present any kind of diagnostic result.  Read more HERE

Updates 23rd November PCR TESTING

Alicante-Elche Airport and Foreign Health have today begun to monitor tourists arriving in the province, or any traveller from countries with a strong incidence of covid - at the moment all those who send tourists to the Costa Blanca - land with negative PCR test in covid, valid for 72 hours before starting the trip. Travellers who bring it and are positive are subject to fines and must take a test immediately, in addition to being quarantined. The entry in force of the Government's order to require the tests to check today affects passengers on the 13 aircraft that landed from Brussels, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Cologne, London, Maastricht and Bremen.

The Generalitat has acquired 16,800 antigen tests that it has deployed at the airport to test passengers who cannot prove the negative PCR. If they test positive, they'll be isolated in a unit until they catch a return flight. If the symptoms are severe they will be transferred to the hospital. If the tourist lies in his responsible statement and after the test is positive in covid, They may be imposed a penalty criminalated as serious, the amount of which ranges from 6,000 to 600,000 euros.

Updates 11th November 

Travellers to Spain will require negative PCR tests

Spain will require negative PCR test from travellers coming from countries classed as high-risk  - This measure goes into effect on November 23rd and will affect residents from most EU member states

The Health Ministry announced today that travellers to Spain will be required to take a negative PCR test within 72 hours of departure for all travellers coming from countries in high coronavirus risk zones. Read more HERE

Alicante Airport New safety measures

Track and trace

This includes a passenger information form which you can do online here where you will then receive a QR code to show when entering Spain.  Full information and links to forms can be found HERE

Please do not panic if you have trouble with the form as these will also be available to complete as part of your entry into Spain.

30th June - What you need to know before you go to the airport

Help us take care of you and protect yourself and others

Check here for relevant information about each airport. There are inoperative terminals

Specific for Alicante-Elche Airport

  • The boarding area remains closed and operates in the processor building.
  • Please note that 4 baggage claim belts are used on arrivals.
  • The meeting point for companions is located on floor -2 (basement 2), central area.
  • Line buses pick up passengers on floor -2 (basement 2).
  • The vip lounge is closed and Meet & Assist and Fast Lane services are not provided.
  • Lost and found service open from May 11.
  • Three floors of the general parking P1 and the long-term parking are closed. The preferred parking is open.
  • Bankia and Euronet ATMs located in the open areas are closed.
  • Commercial services: open pharmacy and water station. Alicante Duty Free, Parfois, Costa Coffee and Eat open on 1 July. On July 4, Enrique Tomás Experience opens on July 5 opens WHSmith (boarding). Vending machine service is provided as normal.

Alicante Airport New safety measures

Before heading to the airport

  • Do not go to the airport if you have any of the following symptoms:fever, cough, shortness of breath or feeling short of breath.
  • Check in online. Take the boarding pass as well as all other travel documents ready to the airport.
  • If you come from abroad, fill out the health form that your airline will provide.
  • Make sure you have enough masks and disinfectant gel for your trip. Remember that unless the instructions otherwise indicate, you must renew the masks every four hours.

On the way to the airport

  • Please note that only passengers can enter the airport terminal (only persons accompanying a passenger who needs assistance can access: persons with reduced mobility or unaccompanied minors).
  • Go in just time enough to check in, pass security and any new procedures.
  • If possible, do not carry carry-on baggage.
  • Remember that it is mandatory to use a mask that covers mouth and nose.
  • Follow the hygienic measures recommended by the Ministry of Health: cough at the inside of the elbow, wash your hands with soap, etc.

Departure airport

  • Ask the airport or airline staff any questions you may have. They're there to help you.
  • Check in all your luggage whenever possible.
  • In the water sources of the airport use only bottle or container.
  • Be sure to keep your physical safety distance, wear the mask and be aware that you may be denied boarding if you do not meet these standards.

On the plane

  • Wash your hands often with the gel, cough at the inside of the elbow and always wear the mask. Remember, you have to change it every four hours.
  • Stay tuned for cabin crew safety demonstration for specific flight instructions
  • If you have symptoms during the flight,let cabin crew know.
  • Limit your movements inside the cab to the bare minimum.
  • Reduces the use of individual air supply nozzles as much as possible.

Arrival airport

  • The use of the mask is mandatory if the safety distance is not maintained.
  • Keep your safety distance while you wait for your luggage and pick it up individually.
  • Passengers from abroad have to deliver at the airport the Passenger Location Card that will facilitate the airline and pass a temperature control of Sanitary Exterior with thermal imaging cameras.
  • If they are going to pick you up, remember to wait for you outside the terminal. Only people who are going to pick up passengers who need assistance can access.

Remember at all times

  • Wear masks,be sure to dispose of them correctly in the 'Remains' trash and replace them every 4 hours (unless the instructions indicate otherwise).
  • Respect whenever possible the distance of 1.5 meters.
  • Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water or, when unavailable, use alcohol-based hand sanitizing solutions.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a disposable handkerchief or with your elbow bent when sneezing or coughing.
  • Minimize contact with any airport surface or on board the aircraft as much as possible.

From 21st June  - Alicante Airport New safety measures

12th June . Alicante-Elche airport will monitor tourists' fever with thermal imaging cameras

The devices will be in operation from July  these will mainly be distributed in the arrivals area they will detect if a passenger arrives with a fever, if a fever is detected they will automatically be separated from the group to subject it to a control.

This will speed up the movement of tourists through the terminal as so far passengers are monitored one by one with thermometers, something that would block the terminal in the middle of the high season, although large crowds of passengers in the terminal are not expected this year, as the companies have cut their programming by 40% due to the crisis. of the covid-19.

In addition, the Passenger Location Card (PLC), the record for the location of the passenger that is now completed on the plane and delivered by hand in the temperature control, will be digitized to also contribute to more fluid transit through the airport. The airport manager, Aena , will collaborate with Foreign Health in these tasks of sanitary surveillance and control by signing an agreement between both institutions, which establishes the terms of said collaboration.

2nd June

The airport tests the new measures against the coronavirus on a flight Alicante-Barcelona

There were guides on the ground to keep distances, passengers wore face masks and checked in luggage behind protective screens.

This week there are links to Oslo, Kiev, Stockholm and Sofia, but with restrictions.

An Alicante-Barcelon link operated by Vueling late yesterday afternoon became the first flight that had to comply with the measures taken by Aena  at the provincial airport to guarantee the safety of operations and reduce the risk against covid-19 . Passengers had to move around the terminal with masks, keep the security distances appropriately fixed on the ground, and check in their bags at a counter protected by the screens that are being placed in the more than 80 company posts. 

At the moment, the activity in the terminal is still testimonial since the state of alarm limits travel due to force majeure, but Aena and the airlines have already started to test with security protocols for July 1, when it is Airline companies are expected to start their own de-escalation and the airport will return to normal. This year, however, the traffic figures at the terminal will fall to the level of ten years ago, due to the lack of activity between March and June and the uncertainty that continues to determine how foreign tourism will respond in the second half of the year.

Yesterday's flight between Alicante and Barcelona will continue this week connections with Norway, Sweden, Ukraine and Bulgaria. Its entry passengers will have to go through the required quarantine, linked to the state of alarm, and their exit passengers must comply with the measures that are already in force, such as the use of masks at all times. The provincial airport management has distributed devices with hydrogels throughout the terminal so that passengers can wash their hands, one of the main security measures. Inside the aircraft they are also required to fly with the corresponding mask and, until July 1, the aircraft cannot go to one hundred percent of their capacity.

Alicante Airport prepares for the opening of borders between all states of the European Union

29th May

Masks, signs and technology will help safe movement around  Alicante-Elche airport

Aena renews the protocols to include the prevention of covid-19 - Online processes grow and common spaces are remodeled

ALL updates on Spanish Borders can be found here.

Mandatory face masks, ground signs to direct passengers, public address messages informing about the rules for moving around the terminal, hydrogels, distances, online processes and everything under a general maxim, security. This is the future that awaits passengers using the airport Alicante-Elche from 1st July or when it is scheduled to open borders between all states of the European Union.

Aena has already completed the renovation and expansion of the toilets that serve the boarding area to adapt them to the "new normal", which is based on minimising contacts between passengers themselves and with airport staff. The floor of the terminal has already begun to be marked with stickers and signs to guide passengers, and as of tomorrow, Saturday, partitions will be placed at all check-in counters , although the majority of processes are committed to being telematic.

An operator marks signs on the ground to direct passengers to the airport terminal. ALEX DOMÍNGUEZ

Aena's intention is to have the terminal 100% ready by July 1st, when the airlines are scheduled to resume operations at the provincial aerodrome. Aena believes that the increase in online procedures will prevent queues from occurring but it will also depend on the companies' own organization when organizing billing. For counters and space to work, it will not be, as stressed by Aena.

The new toilets have increased in area, going from 85 m2 to 198 m2, but measures have also been implemented to reinforce hygiene and avoid contacts, due to the covid-19 health crisis . Having a greater surface has allowed to increase the number of cabins and widen the common space. Taps and electric soap dishes with proximity sensors have been installed, to be able to wash your hands without any contact. In addition, the toilets also have hydroalcoholic gel dispensers. The cost of this first action has been 538,000 but the intention is to adapt the 25 toilets that are distributed by a terminal through which up to the crisis caused by the covid-19 15 million passengers passed each year.

The public address system and the information screens will constantly repeat the messages regarding the need to keep your distance, wear a mask and maintain hygiene. It is mandatory to keep the safety distance at all times. Masks must cover the nose and mouth. There are hydroalcoholic gel dispensers scattered throughout the terminal, especially at the security control and check-in counters.

As for passport control if necessary - EU citizens do not need it - staff may ask passengers to remove it for facial recognition.

While the pandemic lasts, measures will be applied to guarantee the security of the facilities through cleaning and disinfection, signage, installation of informative screens, communication through the public address system, information through the web and social networks. 

Spanish company Vueling joined Jet2.com, Iberia, Ryanair, Tuifly and Easyjet yesterday and announced that from July it will recover the 13 direct connections it operated at the airport before the covid-19.ción arrived, and It plans to resume operations on July 1. Thus, it joins the step forward given by Iberia, Ryanair, Easyjet and TUIfly.

Meanwhile, the airport continues to operate at low levels with Vueling operations with Barcelona and flights that are scheduled practically overnight such as the Wizz Air between Alicante and Sofia (Bulgaria), and on weekends with operations to Scandinavia and Ukraine.

Please note this article has been translated from Spanish to English, read the original article here at Diarioinformacion


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Then you risk being fined and/or not allowed into the country. All travellers must have a negative PCR test.
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do I need health papers to fly OUT from Alicante airport to the UK
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