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Villajoyosa as it is known in Spanish or La Vila Joiosa as it is called by the local people in Valencian literally means the ‘joyful village’. It is famous as a centre for the production of chocolate, which could be the reason for its name! The town has three chocolate factories, all of which can be visited. The Valor Chocolate factory is perhaps the most famous, but there is also the Perez Factory and the Clavileno Factory, so you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Villajoyosa has over 3 kilometres of beaches, a lovely marina, a beach front promenade all along the central beach and the iconic multi coloured houses of the fisherman. Villajoyosa is also well know for its impressive Moors and Christian Fiesta usually held during the last week of July where there is a live re-enactment of the landing of the Moorish Army on the beaches at dawn, an all day battle which is finally brought to a close when the Arab leaders and their armies are thrown into the sea.

Places of interest and ideas of things to do in Villajoyosa / Vila Joiosa

  • Beach: long sandy beach.
  • Promenade: beside beach from the multi coloured houses to the marina.
  • Marina: at the end of the central beach, the fish auctions takes place Monday to Friday at 17.30 in the Lonja.
  • Multi Coloured Fishermen’s Houses: great backdrop to central beach.
  • Chocolate Factories: free to visit, each has a museum and shop
  • Market: large Thursday morning.
  • Moors & Christian Fiesta: held every July especially spectacular as the armies arrive on boats.

Villajoyosa Valor Chocolate Factory

Parking: is on the side of the road wherever there is space.

From here: the chocolate factory is right beside you enter for your tour of the museum. More information here.

Perez Chocolates – 130 years of tradition 

The chocolate factory is definitely worth a visit. As you step over the threshold of this small chocolate factory, the smell of melting chocolate and tradition will warm your heart and senses.

Mr Perez the current generation owner will guide you around this beautiful, traditional chocolate factory. Watch the chocolate being shelled, ground and melted.

You will experience such a unique and genuine insight into a chocolate factory who still follow traditions from over 100 years ago.

The chocolate shop awaits you! A secret door is unlocked and you walk into a traditional and fantastic small shop of pure chocolate heaven.

Devour samples of freshly made chocolate and treat yourself to a bar or three of the exceptional Perez Chocolate.


Getting to Villa Joyosa

By car

The easiest way is on the N332, it is well signposted heading from Benidorm towards Alicante .

Car Park 1

Parking: is in the graveled car park and is free, situated at the end of the beach.

From here: walk out of the car park and turn right for the sandy beach, promenade and old town.

Car Park 2

Parking: is in the underground car park and is charged for by length of stay.

From here: the car park is right beside the sandy beach, promenade and old town.

Top tip: the turning for the pay car park is between the petrol station and a small park with a fountain, the turning is signed Platja Centre.

Villajoyosa Marina

Parking: is on the side of the road and is free.

From here: the marina is directly in front of the parking spaces, keep the sea on your left and walk along the promenade beside the sandy beach for the old town.

By Tram

Look at the official website to find out timetables.  Tram Line No 1 will get you from Benidorm to Villa Joyosa in about 20 minutes.  Trams are every 30 minutes and cost around 2€

By Bus

Alsa Bus – Time table here cost around 4€


A taxi from Benidorm will cost approximately 20 – 25€



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