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All inclusive drink restrictions - Where does this apply

All inclusive drink restrictions, update July 2022 - The efforts of the government of Mallorca to end alcohol driven tourism have been well publicised. They are trying to change the image of some places where the worst problems occur, by outlawing certain practices that encourage excessive drinking for example. So far in less than two months 90 legal proceedings have been started for fines against bars and businesses that are failing to observe the new rules, and 8 establishments have been closed for serious breaches. Councillor for tourism Lago Negueruela, commented that "Although we are still seeing undesirable images, changes to a tourism model that has been prevalent here for decades are not going to change in just a few months, it will take time, but we are on the right track, we have had enough of this type of tourism".

All inclusive drink restrictions, Balearic Islands

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All inclusive drink restrictions. May 2022 - Confusion has been caused in the Spanish press over claims in the UK tabloids that "Spain has a new law that is limiting people to six drinks a day on all inclusive holidays".....The truth is that the law is not new, these rules have been in force since 2020 and only apply to certain areas of the Balearic Islands (see below)

These rules DO NOT apply to mainland Spain and therefore Benidorm is NOT affected.

The Balearics introduced all inclusive drinking limits of six drinks per day (three at lunch and three at dinner), but these rules do not apply right across the Islands and do not only apply to UK tourists. but all nationalities.

These rules are designed to target unruly holidaymakers, they are focused on the areas that typically experience antisocial behaviour.

The law against drunken tourism has caused great discomfort among many tourists who arrive at hotels in the Balearic Islands on an all-inclusive basis. Most of them say they were unaware of the existence of the regulations.

These are the affected regions:

Majorca - Magaluf, El Arenal, Playa de Palma

Ibiza - Sant Antoni

In designated areas of the resorts of San Antonio, Magaluf and Playa de Palma there are prohibitions on happy hours, open bars (such as all you can drink in 1-hour offers), the sale of alcohol from vending machines, self-service alcohol dispensers and the organising of pub-crawls and party boat trips. The law also prohibits “off-licence” sales between 9:30pm and 8am.

Last January Easyjet and many other companies warned all its potential customers who planned to book their holidays in the Balearics of the new limitations that were going to be encountered.

The story was picked up by the UK press when a 42-year-old tourist in a hotel in one of the areas affected by the regulations in Mallorca. The tourist claims his £240 all-inclusive trip "has been ruined" by alcohol's limitation to six alcoholic beverages per day. Jason Walker stated he felt "angry" and "upset" after discovering there were restrictions on his free drink voucher after landing on the island for a three-night birthday trip. "We only found out when we checked in and didn't budget as much money for this trip because we thought all our food and drink would be covered," Walker says in the British newspaper. "I understand that they are trying to stop alcohol abuse and noisy behavior, but I think this has been done without the necessary publicity: we were not informed and did not know anything about the new law."

Whether you are heading to the Balearic Islands or elsewhere, it is always a good idea to check the terms of a holiday marked as all inclusive before booking.

There’s no official definition of all inclusive, which means you might not get the same at every resort.  Always check the small print before booking your holiday.

17th July 2022 - In a bid to stem the flow of drunken tourism, 11 restaurants on the Spanish island of Mallorca have banned people from entering wearing tank tops, swimming costumes, fancy dress costumes, football tops or clothing with logos of branding of other businesses on the islands that promote drunken tourism.

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  • The regional government of the Balearic islands announced a well publicised crackdown on uncivil behaviour and drunkenness among tourists a couple ofThe regional government of the Balearic islands announced a well publicised crackdown on uncivil behaviour and drunkenness among tourists a couple of years ago. As part of those measures, organised pub crawls and "party boats" where people were encouraged to "drink till you drop" were banned.

    Last year saw some 30 businesses investigated for breaking these rules, with ten having fines imposed. They ranged between 60,000 and 600,000€. The town hall of Calvia, (in which Magaluf is situated) have now called meetings with security forces and police, as they say they have seen adverts in English this year, advertising for 100€ a ticket, the very activities that are banned from taking place.
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