Alternative to traditional taxis announced in Benidorm

App based taxi firm CABIFY announce their arrival in Benidorm, with a minimum price per trip of just 3.50 euros.

The Spanish mobility company Cabify today announced its arrival in Benidorm of Cabify Lite. The platform arrives in the Benidorm in and is represented by the local company Miurchi Cars, which gives access to the services of vehicle rental with driver (VTC), through its subsidiary Miurchi Cars SL.

Note - This news article is originally in Spanish at  some detail may be slightly lost in translation.

From today, both through the mobile application and the Cabify website, you can hire this new mobility service with a minimum fare from €3.50 each way. Also, in the case of prior reservation requests, the route request must be made 2 hours in advance and the rates will vary depending on the point of origin.

The arrival of Cabify to Benidorm, coincides with the first anniversary of the start of its operations in Alicante and reinforces the presence of the Spanish company in the Valencian Community.

The application will show the price of the route on the screen, estimated in the case of taxi category, and the user requests his next journey. Likewise, once the trip is finished, the user receives an email with the summary of the journey and a corresponding invoice.

As a form of payment, users will have the option to choose between different forms of electronic payment or cash payment. In 2019, all the cities in which the Cabify Lite service operate, including Benidorm, offer the option of cash payment so more people can benefit from this mobility option.

Cabify is a mobility technology platform that connects private users and companies with the forms of transport that best suit their needs. It has created a model of mobility as a service (MaaS) that is adapted to the particular conditions of the 39 cities in Latin America, Spain and Portugal in which it operates. Its main objective is to make the city a better place to live. For this, it seeks to decongestant the streets by offering an alternative to the use of the private car and providing, through its technology, a safe and quality mobility option that contributes to improving the efficiency and sustainability of the cities.

Founded in 2011 in Spain and already in use in the cities of Madrid, Malaga, Seville, Valencia, Alicante, La Coruña and now Murcia, Cabify expanded, a few months after its creation, to Latin America and is currently present in Mexico, Panama , Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Portugal. Cabify stands out in the sector for generating high-value jobs in an industry that is being transformed by technology and innovation. At present, the company has more than 1,000 employees and offers sustainable employment opportunities to hundreds of thousands of driving partners.

How will the existing taxi drivers here in Benidorm react this news?

The Provincial Court of Madrid have already dismissed in its entirety (judgment 14/2019, of January 18) an appeal filed by the Professional Federation of Taxis of Madrid.





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