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Map of the different areas of Benidorm

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Albatros Apartments – New Town/Rincon de Loix

Alpha Apartments – New Town

Amalia Apartments – New Town

Aquarium II Apartments – new town/Rincon de Loix

Acuarium 111 Apartments – New Town/Rincon de Loix

Atlantida Apartments –  Poniente side

Avenida Apartments Old Town


Bahia ApartmentsPoniente Beach, towards La Cala area

Benidorm Flecha Centre Apartments – Old Town

Benibeach Apartments – Poniente

Benidorm Celebrations Pool Party Resort Apartments – Rincon de Loix

Benimar Apartments – New town but close to the Old town

Bermudas Apartments – Rincon de Loix

Buenavista Apartments – Rincon de Loix

Buenos Aries Apartments – Rindon de Loix


Carlos v Apartments – New Town

Cervantes Apartments – New Town but easy access to old and new

Coblanca-3– Rincon de Loix

Coblanca 5 – Rincon de Loix

Coblanca 7 – New Town

Coblanca 8 – New Town


Don Gregorio Apartments – Rincon de Loix

Don Miguel 1 Apartments – Rincon de Loix

Don Jorge Apartments – Rincon de Loix

Dorita ApartmentsRincon de Loix

Ducados Apartments – New Town


Estudios Apartments – Old Town

El Faro Apartments – Poniente beach, towards La Cala area

Europa Centre Apartments – Rincon de Loix

Evamar Apartments – New Town


Gemelos 2 Apartments – New town

Gemelos 20 Apartments – New Town

Gemelos 22 Apartments – Rincon de Loix

Gemelos 26 Apartments – New Town

Gemelos 28 Apartments – Rincon de Loix


Halcon Apartments – Rincon de Loix

Halley Apartments – Rincon de Loix


Kennedy 2 Apartments – New Town


La Caseta Apartments – Old Town

La Era Park Apartments – Old Town

La Mar Apartments – Old Town

La Rosita Apartments – Old Town

La Siesta Apartments – New Town

Las Carabelas Apartments – Rincon de Loix

Las Damas Apartments – New Town

Las Torres Gardens Apartments – Rincon de Loix

Les Dunes Suites – New Town

Levante Club and Beach Apartments – Rincon de Loix

Levante Lux Apartments – Rincon de Loix

Luxmar Apartments – Rincon de Loix


Magic Atrium Plaza Apartments – Old Town

Maja Apartments – Old Town

Maria Victoria Apartments – New Town

Mariscal Apartments – New Town

Maryciel Apartments – New Town

Mayra Apartments – Rincon de Loix

Maysan Apartments – New Town

Michel Angelo Apartments – Old Town

Milord´s Suites – Old Town

Mirador ApartmentsPoniente, towards La Cala

Mirador 2 ApartmentsLa Cala

Moby Dick Apartments – New Town


Now Benidorm Apartments – Rincon de Loix


Oasis Apartments – New Town


Palm Court Apartments – New Town

Paraiso 10 Apartments – New Town

Paraiso Lido Apartments – Rincon de Loix

Payma Apartments – New Town

Picasso Apartments – Rincon de Loix

Pierre Vacances Apartments – New Town

Pierre Vacances Apartments Poniente – Poniente

Playamar Apartments – New Town

Playmon Park – Rincon de Loix 

Primavera Loix Apartments – New Town


Ribera Apartments – Old Town

Rinconada Real Apartments – Rincon de Loix

Rindonada Real Apartment 106 – Rindon de Loix


San Francisco Apartments – New Town

San Marino Apartments – Rincon de Loix

Senabre Palais Apartments Old Town

Santa Margarita Apartments – Levante Beach


Terralta Apartments – Old Town

Torre d´ Oboe Apartments – New Town

Torre GeronaNew Town

Torre Ipanema Apartments – New Town/Old Town

Torre Levante Apartments – New Town

Torre Principado Apartments – Rincon de Loix, Levante Beach

Torre San Diego Apartments – New Town

Torre Yago Apartments – New Town

Torremar Apartments –  New Town

Trebol Apartments – New Town

Triomar Ibiza Apartments – New Town

Tropic Mar Apartments – Rincon de Loix


Vera Cruz Apartments – New Town

Villa Marina Apartments – Rincon de Loix

Viña del Mar Apartments – New Town

Vistamar Apartments – New Town


Illegal Apartment rental – Did you give copies of your passport to the agent on check in and fill out a police form? If not then report then to the local police as it’s a legal requirement. If you book any apartment or agency apartment they have to have a license number, if not it’s illegal.

You must by law hand over your passport on arrival and this information is then submitted to the police within 24 hours. Don’t book unless you have checked the company is in the Touristico approved agents list and the apartment has a registered number so it meets a minimum standard of safety and comfort if not there are massive fines for the owner.











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  1. I would like to do a review on Apartamentos La Rosita

  2. Shirley Buckley says:

    Hi there. I was thankful to find this list of apartments in Benidorm but it would take me too long to go through every single entry to find out which apartments or apart hotels are accessible and have some adapted apartments. Do you have such a list for the disabled travellers coming to Benidorm please. It would certainly be much appreciated. Thanks.

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