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Author: Leanna Blevins

Is Benidorm set to return as a film?

The show was loved by ITV viewers for 11 years before it was cancelled in 2018, but now BENIDORM fans everywhere can rejoice because the cancelled show is coming back as a movie – and it’s filming next year, according to star Sherrie Hewson. Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, Sherrie Hewson said: “I know…
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New technology could mean the end for liquid restrictions at UK airports

Air passengers will no longer have to take liquids and laptops out of their carry-on bags under new rules coming into force for UK airports to upgrade their security scanners. Similar to CT scanners used in hospitals, the new technology will provide a detailed picture of a bag’s contents and allow images to be visually…
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Afternoon Tea in Benidorm

Afternoon Tea in Benidorm We are often asked where to go for afternoon tea in Benidorm, so here you will find some of the most popular places as recommended by our members. Don Pancho Hotel A DELICIOUS EXPERIENCE – Available every day from 3 – 6 (min of 2 people), only 8€ in the Lobby…
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