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Bank Robbers Caught

Bank Robbers Caught

Bank Robbers Caught 

The National Police have dismantled an organization allegedly dedicated to assaulting clients and employees of banks in Madrid, Córdoba, Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), Benidorm and other cities in the area. In addition, they have arrested four members after they stole 6,700 euros from a bank in the town of Parla, Madrid.

Investigations began after an assault was committed on June 21st here in Benidorm. On that occasion, four individuals approached a man who had just withdrawn money at the entrance of a bank they allegedly threw him to the ground to seize the money, using the ‘cogotazo’ method (blow on the back of the neck). A fifth person was waiting in a vehicle to facilitate the escape.

After this event, the National Police began an investigation to identify the people involved,  after finding the vehicle the police discovered that the car had also been used by the same group in a theft carried out in a shopping center in Valencia.

The members of the group were highly organised and entered banks taking advantage of clients’ carelessness when withdrawing or entering cash to seize it or wait for them to leave the branch to carry out the robberies. Also, when people resisted, they did not hesitate to use violence.

On other occasions, they entered a bank in Madrid and caused a distraction where bank employees had just made a cash entry. before the money could  be placed in the safe, whilst staff were distracted another member of the group seized the cash amounting to 62,500 euros.

Please Note – This article has been translated from Spanish to English so some detail may be lost in this translation.  The original article can be read here at www.diarioinformacion.com







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