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Bargain Holidays

Bargain Holidays

Bargain Holidays

Worries of the Pound Falling drastically creates a bargain window for Benidorm Holiday makers.

Visitors to the Costa Blanca town of Benidorm have been given a bargain window in an error by one of Benidorm’s Major Hotel Chains.  In anticipation of the falling value of the pound after Brexit, Hotel owners have realised that Hotel costs could rocket for British Holiday makers.

For example, A hotel that currently costs 1,000€ for a week, can currently be purchased for around £900.  However, after a fall of value in Sterling this same hotel could cost as much as £1,500.  To counteract this Hotels have dropped the Euro price to match the anticipated fall, to keep the sterling rate static.  Therefore, dropping the same Hotel from 1,000€ to just 500€ will place the Hotel at £900 after the fall of the pound.

An error caused by the recent zime zone changes for British Summer time has put those web pages live and active.

This means that hotels can now be booked for 500€ which today is only around £450.

For a list of the affected Hotels see HERE