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Bars and Apartments launch a scheme to compete with AI hotels 

9th March 2022 Bars and apartments in Benidorm launch tourist packages to compete with the "all inclusive" hotels - The offers allow you to stay for a week in the tourist city with vouchers for breakfast, lunch and dinner for less than 300€ per person.

If you can´t beat them join them. After many years complaining about the competition that "all-inclusive" hotels made to their businesses, Benidorm hoteliers have joined with managers of tourist apartments to offer vacation packages with accommodation and three meals in bars or restaurants and to compete with hotels between March and June and from October onwards, outside the high season period.

The proposal, which was already launched in a pilot way last autumn under the umbrella of the brand "Jappi Experience", (www.Jappi.es) has started again during this month of March, with more than 170 establishments joining in between holiday flats, hospitality, leisure and shops, which offer stays of one week on a full board basis for less than 300 euros per person.

The president of the hoteliers grouped in Abreca, the Association of Bars, Restaurants and Cafes of Benidorm, Javier del Castillo, believes that this year will see the "consolidation" of this product, with which entrepreneurs "try to face the competition of the 'all inclusive' and at the same time give facilities to tourists who come on vacation and stay in an apartment". And, in addition will encourage more tourists out of season.

Javier Del Castillo explained that the initiative will only be operational outside the periods of highest occupancy and will not work when reserves skyrocket. For example, in the Easter holidays or during the months of June, July and August, in which the possibility of booking stays will be deactivated due to the high occupancy of the destination.

With these packages, tourists can book stays for a maximum period of one week that include accommodation in tourist apartments in the city and, then, a regime of vouchers to choose from bed and breakfast to accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner, with vouchers or codes in an application to exchange for the menu of the day in any of the restaurants and cafes that are part of the scheme.

Diego Salinas, manager of Abreca, explains that last year the initiative achieved a volume of about 1,300 reservations per month and that now, once the application is launched and can be managed in a more personalised way, it could increase its user traffic and exceed 1,700 monthly reservations for stays of up to a week, which could yield up to 140,000 overnight stays a year and about half a million drinks in bars, cafes and restaurants participating in the project.

Although for now this project is limited only to the geographical area of Benidorm, where about 170 establishments participate,  the objective of Abreca is to be able to extend this initiative shortly to other municipalities where it also has associates. Among them, l'Alfàs del Pi, La Vila, La Nucía and Finestrat, negotiations to take these tourist packages there are "very advanced" and hopefully operations can start shortly.

Please note the above information has been translated from Spanish to English, read the original article HERE

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