Benidorm in photograph from 1900s

Memories of Benidorm, a collection of old photos

Here you will find a selection of old photos of Benidorm some from as far back as the early 1900s.

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Benidorm has existed since 1325 when it gained it´s town  charter from Admiral Bernat De Serria at Polop castle which was then part of the kingdom of Valencia. The giving of town charters was carried out until the 17th century as a way of removing the Moors and allowing Christians to inhabit the area.

The first settlements in the area can be found at Montbenidorm a hill in Cala Finestrat that you can see at the far end of the Poniente beach. Here there are burial grounds and remains of an Iberian settlement that dates back to the first century B.C. Archaeologists discovered remains of fishing nets here firmly tying Benidorm to the sea even then. A figure of  Tanith who is a Phoenician goddess of fertility and the heavens was also unearthed here as were remains of Roman settlements nearby.

It is the long history of fishing which created the myth that Benidorm was a small charming fishing village when in fact it never was.  The fishermen of Benidorm were actually deep sea fishermen who spent many months in the Atlantic, South America and north of Spain. They were famous all over Spain for their skills with trap netting and were much sought after in the 18th century.

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