Benidorm Beach - Disabled Facilities

ACCESSIBLE BEACH POINT An accessible beach point is an area where the disabled can gain access to the beaches and the sea via adequate  infrastructures such as accessible public transport, reserved parking spaces and other elements such as access ramps, shaded areas and changing rooms. A specialised team is onsite to assist.

GROUPS It is advisable that groups book in advance to ensure that the services provided are not over congested at any one time and to be able to provide additional support personnel for assistance if necessary.

Please Call: 96 681 54 67 – 660 106 555

FREE SUN LOUNGERS AND UMBRELLAS The Benidorm beaches department has an agreement with the company responsible for sun loungers and umbrellas. (This may change at any time, if a new agreement is reached with a different company).  They offer a free card to people with the following characteristics: • More than 65% disability. • Registered as a resident at the town hall. • Owner of a property in the town of Benidorm. • All documents must be presented at the following address: R.A. Benidorm, Provima building, Lepanto st corner with Mallorca st.

Please Call: 965 85 45 48

Benidorm beaches have three disabled access points:

1. Levante beach, Murcia st. Surface area: 218 m 2 Operating since 2000

2.Poniente beach, Mont Benidorm Avenue: Surface area: 138 m2 Operating Since 2001

3.Poniente beach, Elche park: Surface area: 150 m2 Operating since 2003

FACILITIES - 1 access ramp. - 1 walkway. - 1 adapted changing room. - 1 adapted WC. - Shaded areas. - Windbreaks. - 3 adult amphibious chairs. - 1 child amphibious chair. - 3 pairs of amphibious crutches different sizes. - Lifeguards as support personnel to help with bathing. - Buoys to delimit bathing area.


1. If a bather uses the amphibious wheelchair they will be assisted by a staff member.

2. People with higher grade of disabilities must be accompanied by an adult. The organisation cannot be responsible for administrating food, drinks or sun cream.

3. Accessible WC will be exclusive for people with disabilities and the organisation.

4. Families of the users can stay in the shaded area as long as the space is not needed for other disabled users.

5. People with disabilities who use the amphibious chair to access the water and then decide to swim of their own accord must sign an agreement saying this is under their own responsibility and that the town hall or organisation will not be responsible for any possible consequences.

6. The frequency and duration of the bathing time will depend of the number of users waiting in the area and the staff available.


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