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Over the last few years the Door Security here in Benidorm have had a lot of bad press, both here in Spain and in the UK tabloids (which never seem to have anything good to say about Benidorm anyway) and recently several videos have gone viral causing a very public outcry for more action to be taken and for the doormen to be better regulated.

The quite shocking video footage,  was uploaded to Facebook on Thursday 15th November 2018 and shows men being kicked and punched by various door staff.

Please note the above is not the video just a photo, the video now comes with a graphic warning

But what lead up to this event?

This is a statement from the venue itself - "We can't condone the actions of any of the men in the video, but a lot of the men in the video did not in fact work for the Red Lion. Sadly, the situation should have been handled much better than it was, but it had escalated due to other parties getting involved. The police have been made aware of the situation and they will decide how to move forward.

However, the cause of the actual incident was initiated due to violent behaviour from the customer when he was asked to leave the premises. The Spanish National Police have cameras in the bar and can see everything leading up to the event that took place on the street. Obviously nobody wants these things to happen but unfortunately here in Benidorm they happen everyday and in many bars.

As mentioned earlier, we do not condone the actions of ANY of the people involved in this situation......INCLUDING the customers. As a general idea to make Benidorm better for all...... Have respect for staff in all of Benidorm and these incidents will drastically drop in number. When you are asked to comply with the laws of the bar by a member of staff, DO NOT question it OR throw insulting, fruitful and (not on this occasion) racist language towards us, as we get this same abuse every night". end of statement.

Yes there will always be incidents and sometimes these do get out of hand, however, people do need to remember that this is Spain and the rules and law are different here from the UK, but we are all aware that something does need to be done about the situation where some of the bouncers become too heavy handed.

The bouncers here deal with 1000´s of people every single night and obviously incidents are going to happen that fall under their obligation.  These incidents are often alcohol related, and involve large groups of stags challenging the doorman's authority.   The misconception that the doorman is alone fuels the challenge.  The reality is, they are all connected by radio, and each one has the ability to call for backup from the other bars at any time .

We get quite a lot of posts on the group about this subject and unfortunately they do not always portray the real story, when a video gets posted, no one actually sees what has gone on before hand to entice such violence and the stories get twisted like "Chinese Whispers".

Certain bouncers have in the past been charged by the police for over aggression, so yes it is dealt with by the authorities under Spanish Law.

During our time of living here and spending most nights in the cabaret bars, I can honestly say that we have never seen the bouncers actually start a fight.

If you are asked to leave a venue for what ever reason, maybe you are talking during a show, or have simply had too much to drink and are becoming a nuisance to other customers then yes the door staff will ask you to leave, our advice is to just leave without trying to stand your ground.

It is stated that the bouncers here wear knuckle dusters.  This is also incorrect.   Many do however wear sports gloves designed for MMA for protection of the knuckles.

We often hear statements such as "I was doing nothing wrong, but was asked to leave"  Sorry but put things into perspective.  When there are hundreds of people in a venue, if you are doing nothing wrong why would the door staff ask you to leave.... why would you have drawn their attention out of the hundreds of other people there?  If you are asked to leave then please do so, there are plenty of other bars you can move on to in town.

Generally, there is always more to the story than meets the eye or what is posted and we try to always get factual information as to what actually happened and this can be very different from the initial story that hits social media, for example -

"Was absolutely loving my first time in Benidorm until last night when a bouncer threw me and a friend out for no reason whatsoever. I refused to leave and one of the bouncers kneed me from behind in my private parts. He laughed in my face then phoned the police.  The police demanded 100 euros from my friend or we would be arrested" and the real reason they were asked to leave the premises - "she attacked one of the bar staff scratching their face and then threw a drink at the doorman when he asked them to leave"..... hence why the police were called in to deal with the matter.

"I've just been put off Benidorm 20+ bouncers going after one 24 yr old lad some armed with baseball bats, if it hadn't been for one woman a guest from one of the hotels god knows what would of happened police arrived & he was taken away in an ambulance" - and the real events this so called man who had done nothing wrong was wanted by the police for glassing a doorman in the face the previous night, several arrests were made but this one man ran away before he could be apprehended, the bouncers spotted him and withheld him until the police arrived to arrest him.  A little different from the social media version!

"Tonight I have witnessed the once again barbaric actions of bouncers here. A guy who was drunk was beaten up  and laid out cold in the street. Another guy was standing with his head streaming in blood. The police and ambulance arrived and have taken them to hospital. It's disgusting what these bouncers are allowed to do. As far as I could see there was no questioning by the police being done with the staff. - and the response from the venue - "as usual there is always another side to the story. These 2 lads were part of a larger group and there was an altercation with the doormen, and one of the lads attacked the doorman with a bottle across his face. He acknowledges that they may have overreacted which I guess is normal if someone hit you in the face with a bottle. Both doormen have been arrested and this will be going to court".

We could go on and on with stories such as the ones above, these are just a very small example of how things can get twisted on Social Media and taken out of context, next thing you know its all in the UK tabloids, but again only one side of the story is told.

Entertainers have also been physically attacked whilst on stage, and of course the door staff will deal with these incidents. Both Tony Scott and Lee from Carnaby Street and no doubt others have been physically attacked, this is not acceptable behaviour.

April 2018 "Lee from Carnaby Street got cracked in mouth whilst on stage last night"

We all hope that door staff will be properly licenced in the future and the rogue element is removed.  Those who know these guys will agree that  the majority of them are a good bunch of lads with the safety of the public and the staff their priority.  Like everything here in Spain these things do take time.

Stay safe in Benidorm.  If you are asked to leave a venue, even if you feel you have done nothing wrong, just accept it and leave.  There are plenty of other bars that will appreciate your custom.

Be careful what you write on Social Media in Spain 

BE AWARE Spain has very strict Slander and deformation of character laws (article 205 and 208 of the Spanish Criminal code), so before posting about a venue/person, make sure your facts are correct, think carefully or you could end up with a very large fine as this news article proves.

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0 # Gaynor Huggins 2018-11-19 12:05
There is no argument that these holiday makers were fuelled with drink and thought they could fight the world. But nobody can defend the thug bouncers who looked to me like they were enjoying punching and kicking men while they were on the ground and one was knocked back down several times whilst quite obviously had had enough and was dazed and dizzy. Not all bouncers in Benidorm are like this but surely they need much more training on how to diffuse situations not escalate them. As you know most people walking by sees someone on the floor getting a kick in will try to help and these are being punched out of the way men and women There has to be a solution xx
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0 # Stephen McAlees 2018-11-19 12:32
Are these doormen properly lisecensed SIA
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0 # Tracy Ann 2018-11-19 12:59
Regardless of the type of licence you hold, your SIA licence is only valid in the UK. The Security Industry Authority (SIA) works as an independent body that works under the Private Security Industry Act 2001. The act outlines the regulations that the private security industry in the UK must adhere to.
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0 # Edwin Long 2018-11-19 13:30
Eye for an eye is not always the solution professional trained door staff with brains can defuse most situations without violence
All door staff should hav names with I’d numbers showing to everyone
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0 # Tracy Ann 2018-11-19 13:31
Yes we agree they should be easily identified.
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0 # Gibb Glass 2018-11-19 13:36
If it had not been for the quick response from a doorman / bouncer outside the talk of the north my face would have smashed to pieces.
Sounds sinister but, I was walking down towards the venue I triped down the steps and what looked like I was attacking a female bouncer as I grabbed her on my way past. The male bouncer standing on the other side of the path had a quick decision to make.
Was I attacking his colleague or was I falling at speed. The bouncer caught me and saved me from a serious injury. By the way Iam a big guy 23 stone, with tattoos and a number 1 haircut. So if the bouncer had judged the book by its cover things might have been a bit different
I have nothing but respect for doormen / woman in Benidorm.
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0 # Tracy Ann 2018-11-19 13:39
Nice to hear a good comment, unfortunately its always the bad things get publicised before the good. I presume you are referring to the Talk of the Coast?
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0 # Gibb Glass 2018-11-19 13:49
Sorry Tracey, just awake, yes Talk of The Coast. In Benidorm from 24th November will call into office for a chat.
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0 # Tracy Ann 2018-11-19 13:56
Yes, please do, it will be nice to see you x
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0 # Jacqui Tuckwell 2018-11-19 13:54
I’ve never seen any real violence but there are bars on the strip I wouldn’t go in to because of 1. reputation and 2. the very large groups of predominantly young males. The video was shocking and while one of the men was being an idiot I’m not sure the level of violence towards him was required. The bars need to take some responsibility in how much booze they are serving individuals and how drunk the customers are when they enter a bar.
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0 # Ronnie Scott 2018-11-19 13:58
The bouncers should be trained and licensed as in the UK.But the law in Spain is different so none of this applies.When I was on the doors in my younger days many years ago,before the present regulations,you quickly learnt that the only persons you could rely on in a altercation was your fellow staff.Anyone else was a nuisance and could cause you harm,and you had to finish the altercation as quick as possible.Thank god those days in the UK are long gone.
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0 # Mike Saint 2018-11-19 14:15
The main trouble is that most of these doormen are Romanian thugs who are only there for a fight. That's why they wear MMA gloves to protect their knuckles.
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0 # Tracy Ann 2018-11-19 14:16
That´s actually quite a racist comment, and not all the bouncers are Romanian.
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0 # Hazel Edgar 2018-11-19 14:35
been going to Beni a long times...up to 4 times a year 3 months every Winter...not seen any bouncers being heavy handed at all...seem plenty pissed up Brits trying to,square up to them though..but the just push them away...100% cent honest answer..I truly haven't.
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0 # Christine Fyles 2018-11-19 14:49
Iv watched an re watched this , the big chap was hell bent on giving it more , no then that’s drinking don’t like being told to leave , in their eyes (we’ve done nothing wrong ) but he wouldn’t let it lie .. hence the bouncer getting to grips ,
What I didn’t like or condone is when the bouncer got hold of him the others were like rats out of a drain pipe , hitting an kicking him , that is so wrong on all levels ,
Iv seen a bouncer at western saloon pick a young girl up throw her on the street , he literally man handled her she tripped back , then he pushed her down the street ..
it’s not so much throw them out it’s the brutal force after , they take it to far , just my take on it ... let’s face it if there weren’t any door men these bars would have trouble and fighting on a huge scale.
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0 # Ricardo Baille 2018-11-19 15:44
Their not Polish, their not Spanish, or English either. So where are these doormen from? They sound Eastern European/Russian to me. I am a regular in Beni and have never seen any trouble on my numerous visits.
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0 # Jill Shail 2018-11-19 16:45
Sorry we don't know that. The Doormen in Benidorm are from varied Countries including Spain, UK and Eastern Euroe. x
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0 # Nick Plews 2018-11-19 17:11
I think I've probably commented before on other posts re the bouncers but here goes anyway. When we were there in the summer I saw 2 bits of trouble. We were in the pub opposite Stardust, can't remember the name, when there was an altercation on the front and then there was a big kick off inside Champions in the square on our second night. Both times the door staff acted exactly how they would act over here and just got the offenders out of the venue without any punches being thrown. In my view all the horror stories/videos are when people have tried to have a go back and come off worse. Yes I am sure there are times they go overboard but having worked the doors in the uk for nearly 10 years I'm not quite sure what people expect them to do when they are dealing with such big groups of lads? The vast majority of venues in the uk won't let big groups in for a good reason but over there some pubs are pretty much full of nothing else but big groups.
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0 # Tracy Ann 2018-11-19 21:07
Just so you all know I was actually employed as door staff here in Benidorm and did the job for 18 months, yes some of you will laugh at this as I am only 5ft 2, blond and slim, but sometimes a woman can diffuse a situation better than a man, especially if you are dealing with a group of men (women are another story lol) the main reasons being a) I did not come across as a threat, what would they prove if they hit a woman? b) I was not confrontational. but saying that there were occasions when the situation got out of hand and I had to call for back up for which I am extremely grateful I had.

Someone commented earlier that any trained member of staff should be able to talk the situation down (I have had training in the past), yes in a perfect world that would be possible but in reality dealing with a violent drunk is not that easy a) they are alcohol induced and some just want to fight. b) they will not listen to you, c) they are too drunk to even understand what you are saying in the first place, and you never end up just trying to reason with the one person that is actually causing the trouble as all their mates jump in to so call help which they really do not.

The reason I stopped doing this job was I was putting myself in danger every single night and eventually my luck was going to run out and I was going to get a beating. So yes I know what all the staff here have to put up with on a nightly basis from front of house to behind the bar, but would never condone over aggressive behaviour from anyone be it a customer or door staff, Treat everyone with the same respect you wish to receive xxxx
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0 # Elizabeth Boyce 2018-11-20 00:21
Was in Morgan's Tavern a few weeks ago with my friend who lives in Spain we are two women in our 60s.There was a stag do in never have I seen bouncers kick off inside the violence usually takes place outside but it was happening at my feet these men with the stag party were in no condition to fight back looked to me that the bouncers were totally over the top Iwas right there.I went outside and one of the men was lying with blood either coming out of his ear or his head he lay like this for 30mins waiting for an ambulance it was horrific .My friend and I don't drink we love to go to caberet clubs for the great entertainment but am sorry to say I'll not be back .
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0 # Andy Parnham 2018-11-20 01:08
We always got a say haven’t we . but until we know the truth we shouldn’t surmise what happened. I agree it looks like the bouncers was in the wrong, but was they ?. Was the others looking for a fight showing off cos they had a shandy or 2 etc . Was they the he men of Benidorm because of drugs etc . We may never know.. I certainly wouldn’t want to be a bouncer with the idiots Benidorm sometime attracts.
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0 # Eleanor Leigh 2018-11-20 11:47
They need to call the police who should then follow the UK rules by trying to bring order and if the holiday maker still insist on kicking off spray them and put them in the nick for the night but that isn't going to happen is it
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0 # Tracy Ann 2018-11-20 11:54
one problem with that statement this is not the UK the same laws do not apply, but we are all in agreement that more needs to be done
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0 # Isme 2018-11-20 21:59
I agree with most of what has been said but they cannot condone to the situation on 15th of November the bouncers were running at them when they were trying to leave and fisting there faces not one of them tried to restrain or calm the incident down .. I was there and saw it I’m a 61 yr old lady and was apaulled hind id the second incident I’ve witnessed the other the bouncers had brass knuckle dusters on disguised as leather gloves I watched them put them on outside champion I dong condone any trouble or fighting but the wY they conduct there bouncing needs to be looked into
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0 # Amanda 2018-11-23 07:33
I was at the end of the square last year and 4 huge bouncers were kicking into a young boy probs 9 stone wet threw that one of the bouncers could of eaten alone , so when I saw this video it did not surprise me at all.
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0 # Kay simons 2019-05-15 16:11
Ive just read about the one lad and 8 bouncers from monday night.why is this been hiding away. Surely you should be warning people what they are like!
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0 # Jill Shail 2019-05-15 18:35
We have asked the poster to put the comments on here on the website where it will remain for others to read
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0 # Admin 2019-05-15 22:37
I would add to Jill's comment. Information here is not "hidden away". The information of the Facebook group remains visible for about 24 hours maximum. Then it becomes lost in the news feed. The website receives over 300,000 visits each month and as Jill says it is not lost. The other reason we do not allow posts of this nature is the unfair balance of the image they create of Benidorm. Everyone who is subject or witness to a crime or an event like this will report it on Facebook. The thousands more who had a trauma free holiday have nothing to say. In short, if two out of 100 people have a bad experience, we will get four comments. The two bad ones and maybe about two good ones. This paints a picture, to people who do not know Benidorm, that the chance of falling victim of a crime are 50/50. Benidorm is in fact safer than most of the larger cities in the UK
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0 # Paul 2019-09-15 15:06
Pàul Botting

If a bouncer stamps on someone's head he's not doing it to protect he doing it to cause permanent harm damage
Shame on you Cafe Benidorm
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0 # Gary Evans 2019-09-19 02:00
I won't be coming back again. I saw a lad put a bouncer on the floor single handedly. I moved in to stpp another trying to kick the fallen bouncer. When more bouncers arrived they put the lad to the floor and looked like they were trying to deliver seroois head injury with feet. I stepped in and pushed the bouncers which allowed the lad to get to his feet. I put my hands up to the bouncers and said it's over you've proved your point. Sucker punched to the jaw, punch to the side of my head. Kicked on the kidneys with a run up as if taking a penalty kick. Animals and this was right by a so called police station. Benidorm? Nah horrible horrible horrible
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0 # Gary Evans 2019-09-25 10:33
does it matter what nationality they are???
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0 # Tracy Ann 2019-10-26 15:22
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