BENIDORM FIESTA DATES FOR 2020 (All dates are subject to change) 

Benidorm has about 55 Fiestas every year so far too many to list, many of the smaller local fiestas will not be publicised until after the event but here are the main fiestas to look out for.

During EVERY fiesta you will see  Mascletas listed on the schedules, these are the loud, thunderous fire crackers. They are fired randomly, particularly during the day. They are not for the faint hearted, they are really loud. The fire works provide a spectacular view but the Mascletas are meant to stimulate your body through rhythmic sounds and vibrations.


January 5th - The 3 Kings Parade, Grand Procession, unmissable if you are in town -  The parade generally starts at around 18.00 from the Parque de Elche (Dove Park) in the Old Town, the parade will go up the Avd de los Almendros and back down the Avd Ruzafa before finishing up at the Town Hall square and finishing off the evening with a fantastic firework display.

Last years route

January 6th – 3 Kings Day itself and a National Holiday (red day/Bank Holiday).  This is a family day.


The Carnival is an annual celebration, the date is dictated by when Easter falls, the Parades always take place on the Saturday before Ash Wednesday (26th February), this year the parade will be Saturday 22nd February, there are 2, a children’s one in the morning around 11.00am and a main adult one in the evening about 9.30. The procession starts at the top end of Calle Ruzafa (nr Crystal Park Hotel) and ends up at the main Town Hall Square. There will be plenty of elaborate costumes.

The Carnival finishes on Shrove Tuesday 25th February  with the ritual Burial of the Sardine. This signifies the beginning of Lent. This is a solemn procession which again begins around 9.30 starting at Plaza Mayor, goes through the Old Town and ends up at Poniente Beach where the sardine is buried. (Times are subject to change), don’t forget to take your camera along…you’ll see some fantastic sights!


15th - 19th - The Fallas Fiesta

The traditional Valencian festival of Saint Joseph the carpenter. Originally a contest amongst carpenters to create an effigy of the Saint, it has escalated to become one of the most spectacular fiestas of the calendar year. Festivities include, processions with participants wearing elaborate traditional costumes, street entertainment, fireworks and live music.  For more details on this fiesta click HERE

March 17th - St Partick´s Day - When Benidorm turns GREEN

Many people dress up for the day so bring something GREEN with you.   There is NO parade as such, just people enjoying the atmosphere around town.  More information HERE



One of the most important weeks in the Spanish Calendar, with lots of processions to be found in the old town area.

April 5th -  Palm Sunday

April 6th -  Holy Monday

April 7th -  Holy Tuesday

April 8th -  Holy Wednesday

April 9th -  Holy Thursday

April 10th - Holy Friday/Good Friday

April 11th - Holy Saturday

April 12th - Easter Sunday

April 13th - Easter Monday

For more details about Easter in Benidorm click HERE

24th – 26th April - The Elvis Festival, This will be a extra special event as the Elvis Festival will be celebrating there 10th Anniversary. CANCELLED until 23-25 April 2021

Get ready to swing that pelvis, Elvis is back in town. For three days, Benidorm pays tribute to the one and only King of Rock n Roll, Mr Elvis Presley.

This is a great chance to join thousands of Elvis fans for three days in the Hotel Melia.

Now in it’s 10th year, this is the largest themed Elvis party held in the Mediterranean. Join countless 1000´s of like minded Elvis fans in this Three day spectacular in the Hotel Melia and other venues nearby venues with top Elvis acts providing the entertainment.

The fun starts with a welcome party by the pool at the Hotel Melia.

There are also prizes and competitions with a grand finale at the spectacular Benidorm Palace.

Booking and more information available HERE


3rd – Day of the Holy Cross, many districts in Benidorm will decorate holy crosses with flowers and organise holy processions through the streets.

Benidorm Spring Pride (Pink Weekend)  CANCELLED - Thursday 28th May - 31st May

Fun packed days of themed parties and international visitors, all centred around the spectacular Mirador del Castillo in the Old Town.

JUNE due to lockdown these may be moved to 2nd to 6th SEPTEMBER

22nd – 24th, CANCELLED  Hogueras de San Juan – Bonfires of Saint John – Bonfires generally in three districts of Benidorm; La Cala, El Campo and el Mercado (market). These fires signify the official beginning of summer.

As in March, monuments are built and exhibited in the days leading up to the night of 24th these will then be destroyed by fire which symbolises the end of old feelings and experiences and the arrival of new hopes and desires.

For some years some spontaneous parties have been held, the official bonfires are burned on the night of the 24th, but on the night of the 23rd, thousands of Benidorm people gather on the beaches of Levante and Poniente to celebrate the Noche de San Juan with amulets and symbols of the fiesta that is combined with the traditional jumping into the sea water to receive the promising summer

JUNE – Benidorm Song Festival date varies – usually the last weekend


6th & 7th – San Fermin Fiesta

16th –  Fiestas of the Virgen Carmen. Head down to one of the Port areas in Benidorm, Altea or Villajoyosa where you will see beautiful floral processions through the town streets, ending at the Port when the local fishermen will go out to sea on a number of small fishing boats. From there the flowers are thrown in to the water in remembrance of all who have lost their lives in the past and the present day to the Sea.

July 25th – St Jaime Fiesta (St James Day) – St James is the town´s patron saint, and all the usual religious parades can be seen in the old town.  It is also the national day of recognition for the Spanish Military and if there are any navel frigates in the area many of the marines will come ashore to celebrate.  Expect quite a lot of cannon fire today.


There are NO fiestas in August, but an incredible amount of cultural and artistic events. There are live concerts most nights in the Aiguera Park auditoriums, including ballet, opera, theater and performances by leading popular international and Spanish groups and singers.


Benidorm Pride - Cancelled 

Unfortunately, this year's Benidorm Pride Festival 10th Anniversary event will have to be postponed until 2021 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Under the current restrictions it is felt it would be irresponsible and unfair to attempt such a massive milestone celebration. Especially after the success of the last 10 years!

HOWEVER... there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
There are talks with the Town Hall officials to "possibly" create a smaller version of Pride for those who join us in September.

More news will follow during the first week in July.

Benidorm Pride - August 31st to 6th September. This will be the 10th Pride event and gets bigger and more popular with each year.

With a week-long series of flamboyant events leading up to the Playa Levante big parade on Saturday 5th September and main stage open air party, visitors can expect an exciting week in the resort that truly never sleeps. The main attraction for visitors is the old town which is where you will find the pumping heart of the gay village still very much local and Spanish where we visitors can blend in and mix with our lovely hosts. Enjoy up to 30 hugely friendly but small and intimate gay bars and eateries all nice and each other.


Moors and Christians Fiesta – Generally first weekend in October but dates to be confirmed

This festival is celebrated all over Spain as their history is deeply rooted in the battles which took place over control of Spain in the 13th to 15th century. Each fiesta is a theatrical performance with participants dressed in elaborate and expensive costumes depicting both sides of the battle. The music played by the live orchestras is especially composed for the fiesta and is very dramatic. Battles are re-enacted using replicas of the weapons used so it can become a little noisy.  For full details click HERE

9th – Regional fiesta celebrating the day of the constitution.

12th - Fiesta Nacional de Espana… (so a bank holiday).


The famous November Fiesta - 6th - 11th updates can be found HERE

dates vary – They always begin on the Friday of the second weekend of November and officially end the following Wednesday.

Each town has its Patron Saint and a fiesta is held in their honour which usually last one week. During this time the towns commercial activity virtually shuts down as celebrations go on practically 24 hours a day. Festivities include processions, dancing in the streets, live music, sporting events and firework displays. In Benidorm the Patron Saints are the Virgin of the Suffrage and Saint James the Apostle. The most outstanding acts during the week are the staging of the finding of the Virgin, the flower offering, the comic parade, the parade of floats and the great firework display which takes place on the last day of the festivities.

Please note –  There will be two additional regional holidays here in Benidorm Monday 9th, Tuesday 10th  so banks etc will be closed.

2021 - 12th - 17th TBC

2022 - 11th - 16th TBC

12th – Europe’s largest fancy dress party.

Benidorm Fancy Dress Party, the biggest in Europe! Once the Benidorm fiestas finish in November, the unofficial British fancy dress party starts on the day after. One of the greatest highlights of the year, and a must for all to take part and dress up. Visitors have to do great efforts to showcase a spectacular day of fun, colour and a amazing atmosphere.

This tradition started over 20 years ago when Manolo from Sinatras used to offer a free drink to anyone who dressed up, of course now numbers have grown so much this is not possible. Last year it is estimated that around 30,000 people attended this celebration! Each year the party just gets bigger  and better most of the action is around the bars in the Calle Gerona & British square area of Benidorm with a parade which generally starts at Morgan Tavern around 3pm. (TBC)

2021 - 18th TBC

2022 - 17th TBC

From Friday 13th November – Fiesta of the Carxofa (Benidorm) The Artichoke Fiesta 

Takes place during the third weekend of November in the old town.  This Fiesta is similar to a thanksgiving or harvest festival. The burning of the artichoke takes place in the Square in front of The Royal Queens Hotel.

As it has become a tradition, after the Patron Saint’s Day in honor of the Virgin of Suffrage and St. James the Apostle, the Festa de la Carxofa, a great popular attraction.

The fiesta begins Friday night from 10 pm. with a tasting of the typical “Bollos” this takes place in the Costera del Barco.

On Saturday at 10.00 the festival committee of ‘The Carxofa’ will be responsible for that, to the Plaza del Calpi, the ‘PENJA of carxofa’. At 13.00 hours a popular sardinada be offered.The day will end with a parade at 18:00 for the center of town and a popular festival with orchestra from 22.00.

The events will continue during the Sunday with the offering of flowers to the Mare Déu of the Sofratge that will begin in the place of the Constitution at 12:45 in the morning. At the end of the tour, a Mass will be celebrated in the parish of San Jaime and Santa Ana.

The finishing touch of these traditional festivities will be the crema of the carxofa that will take place in the Plaza de la Constitución.

DECEMBER 20th – 31st Christmas Festivities programme offers several acts between 20th and 31st of the month.

DECEMBER 31st How better to end the year than at a traditional Spanish New Years Eve party (Fiesta Cotillon) in front of the clock in the square. Free champagne and live music provide the entertainment. Don’t forget your 12 grapes which are eaten one by one on the strokes of midnight giving you luck in the year to come.

For full details about Christmas in Benidorm click here


Public Holidays are a national treasure as there are so many of them each year!! They include a mix of religious Roman Catholic, national and regional ones and are taken on the exact day they fall whether that be midweek or weekend. The holiday is not moved to the Monday or Friday to create three day weekends as is often done in other countries. This means that a large percentage of people take days off, a ‘puente’ which means bridge, to create long weekends which last for four or five days! Known as ‘red days’, each municipality is allowed to have a maximum of 14 public holidays per year; a maximum of 9 of these are chosen by the national government and at least 2 are chosen locally.

During a public holiday in Spain everything except the bars, cafes, restaurants, emergency services and a handful of shops like petrol stations close down. Nothing is open, so make sure you have planned for the national and regional Public Holidays!

There are many local Public Holidays plus the ‘Dia de Valencia ’ which is observed in the province of Valencia only and is on the 9th October. The Public Holidays which are observed in all regions of Spain are-

Date Day Holiday
1 Jan Wed New Year's Day
6 Jan Mon Epiphany
19 Mar Thu St Joseph's Day
10 Apr Fri Good Friday
13 Apr Mon Easter Monday
1 May Fri Labour Day
15 Aug Sat Assumption of Mary
9 Oct Fri Valencian Regional Holiday
12 Oct Mon Fiesta Nacional de España
1 Nov Sun All Saints' Day
6 Dec Sun Constitution Day
8 Dec Tue Immaculate Conception
25 Dec Fri Christmas Day
The dates in this table are an estimate. We will update this page once the official public holiday dates for 2020 are released.

2 additional local fiesta dates will occur during November TBC but are normally on the Monday & Tuesday so 9th & 10th this year

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