Benidorm Hotel information

Benidorm Hotel information 2022

Benidorm hotel information, which hotels will be closed for the winter season and when will they be re-opening for 2022

The information below is correct to the best of our ability, but always check the details with your chosen hotel.  If you have a previous booking with a hotel which is now closed, contact your booking agent, tour operator or the hotel direct, depending upon how your initial booking was made.

Servigroup Hotels 

Nereo - OPEN

Calypso - CONFIRMED opening 11/03/2022  - The cafeteria "La terraza" at the Calypso Hotel is  now OPEN

Pueblo - CONFIRMED opening 11/03/2022

Orange - CONFIRMED opening 11/03/2022

Venus - CONFIRMED opening 11/3/2022

Castilla - CONFIRMED opening 08/04/2022 (delayed opening due to works on the access road to the hotel)

Rialto - CONFIRMED opening 08/04/2022

Torre Dorada - foresees to reopen 08/04/2022

Diplomatic foresees to reopen 8/04/2022

All affected guests have been offered the possibility of an upgrade to the Hotel Nereo (4 stars) for the same price.

Medplaya Hotels

Flamingo Oasis - CLOSED between 11/01/2022 to 14/03/2022

??????/?????? ???? We are pleased to advise that during the period 11th January to 14th March 2022 it is planned to carry out further refurbishment in the public áreas of the MedPlaya Hotel Flamingo Oasis. We will provide more information as the detail of the plans are developed, but to avoid any inconvenience the hotel is not currently on sale for these dates. We hope that you will enjoy your stay at one of our other MedPlaya Hotels in Benidorm during this period, and look forward to welcoming you back to the Flamingo Oasis on future occasions. If you have a booking for Flamingo Oasis during this period of time, MedPlaya or your travel agent will get in touch soon.

Riudor - CLOSED from 7th Jan to 1st May 2022

We are pleased to advise that during the period 7th January to 01st May 2022 it is planned to carry out further refurbishment in the public areas of the MedPlaya Hotel Riudor. The hotel is  not currently on sale for these dates.  Please choose one of our other hotels in Benidorm for your dates

No updates on other Medplaya hotels at this time.

Rosamar - Due to re-open 1st June 2022

Magic Aqua Rock Gardens - Closed for the winter season, due to re-open 1st April

Magic Villa Benidorm - Due to re-open 1st April

Ambassador Playa - Due to re-open 1st March 2022

Riviera Hotel -  Re-opening 1st March 2022

Sandos Benidorm Suites will be closed from 9th January to 28th February

Gala Placidia - Planned re-opening 17th February

Melia Hotel - Re-opens 4th March

Palm Court apartments re-open 12th March

Perla - Due to re-open 31st March

The New Gold Arcos - Due to open sometime in April

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