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    Benidorm News Stories and up and coming Events

    Posted by on March 22, 2018

    The top news stories from both the British and Spanish Newspapers this week.

    Please note this webpage is constantly being updated with new up to the minute stories so pop back often for up to the minute news.

    Benidorm Seriously



    EASTER – Click here for the schedule of events during  SEMANA SANTA

    March 25th  Easter & Palm Sunday
    March 26th  Holy Monday
    March 27th Holy Tuesday
    March 28th Holy Wednesday
    March 29th  Holy Thursday
    March 30th Holy Friday
    March 31st Holy Saturday (Holy Saturday)
    April 1st Easter Sunday (Easter Sunday) & Easter
    April 2nd Easter Monday


    Travellers to, from, through and over France face disruption over the next few days and weeks.

    At 6pm British time on Wednesday 21 March, some French air traffic controllers will begin a strike that continues to 5am on Friday 23 March.

    The action will severely disrupt flights on Thursday, one of the busiest days of the week.


    Flights that are travelling over France are also expected to be affected, with the following currently cancelled:

    London Stansted

    FR8382: Alicante 06:30

    FR8976: Alicante 15:00

    Middle and outside-lane hoggers to be fined in Spain

    SPAIN’S national roads authority has confirmed it will enforce a law and fine drivers in an effort to put an end to a widespread practice that winds up motorists throughout the country.

    The Direccion General de Trafico say that the current regulations clearly state that motorists should always drive in the right-hand land on dual-carriageways and motorways unless overtaking another vehicle and then you should return to the inside lane when you have completed the manoeuvre.

    The DGT has said drivers who are caught flouting the law will face an automatic €200 fine.

    BIG cut down on Illegal Pirate Taxis

    Police forces across the Costa’s have said they are now increasing the number of cars being stopped leaving the Airports. Many unlicensed operators are using the Costa Blanca (Alicante worst hit) as a way to make fast cash and exposing you (the customer) to unnecessary risks.

    Why Pay €50 for an illegal Transfer with risk of been fined & dumped at the road side & missing your flights (if return leg)


    The laws for all taxi/private hire companies in Spain are extremely strict. Please be aware that there are numerous illegal companies with websites and advertising on Facebook as legitimate taxi/transfer businesses.There are also apartment owners & letting agencies offering cheap transfers, these are also illegal.

    Alicante Airport, Pirates In Arrivals?
    Alicante Airport strictly controls the arrivals area to weed out illegal transport pirates. Only legal companies are permitted into the airport arrivals area. Your driver will be visibly holding an AENA card which will have the name of the lead passenger on. This is a mandatory procedure highlighted by AENA, which is the Spain’s Airport Governing body. As the article opposite highlights, Spanish police have begun clamping down on illegal transport companies so please don’t fall into this trap. Vehicles will now regularly checked for Tarjeta de Transporte and if your driver can not produce this documentation, the vehicle will be impounded, you will be out of pocket and could receive a fine for allowing your self to be carried in an uninsured vehicle, We come across this story all too frequently so please avoid this horror story and book with a professional licensed company – Legal companies HERE

    Alicante Airport is patrolled continuously by the Guardia Civil (Police) & government inspectors looking for illegal touts. If a transfer company asks to meet you anywhere apart from the designated area in the arrivals terminal, they will be illegal, (even if they use the excuse that this is due to building work), their vehicles will also not be insured for passenger liability cover. You should remember that if stopped by the Guardia Civil (Police) the vehicle would be confiscated immediately leaving you stranded. A vehicle that is licensed will be SP (ServicioPublico) plated by the Spanish.

    1. Without a permit, it is illegal to offer a taxi service in Spain.

    2. Insurance is another important factor as you cannot obtain cover for the transportation of passengers without a legal permit.
    If they say they paid or if the owner or Villa’s give free transport, This is still illegal.

    3. Without the necessary insurance cover a passenger is also running the risk in the case of an accident as they could not hope to be compensated or have Hospital bills paid for,

    4. Any unfortunate passengers caught up in the process can find themselves dumped on the road with their luggage if the police stop and seize the vehicle along with a €300 Fine.

    British expats urged to get permanent residency certificates

    BRITISH expats are being urged to apply for an official residency certificate before Brexit when the UK leaves the European Union on 29th March, 2019.

    Negotiations continue between the British government and the EU’s remaining 27 members as part of the planned Withdrawal Agreement and last December both sides addressed the subject of citizens’ rights.  Details on how to obtain RESIDENCIA can be found HERE.

    NATIONAL POLICE officers in Spain have busted a crime ring that provided illegal access to TV channels.

    The National Police, supported by Europol, arrested six individuals from a crime ring suspected of selling illegal television signals from more than 14,000 international points of sale.

    The signals were sold through a company which designed the application needed to illegally stream films, television series and sport events.

    During the course of the investigation police officers discovered a company, based in Galicia, Spain which was suspected of transmitting signals for paid TV channels illegally.  Continue reading here in the Euro Weekly

    Work begins on Benidorm transport hub

    INTERCONNECTED: New TRAM stop to be connected to Benidorm bus station.

    THE Valencian Community government has set in motion the timetable for Benidorm to get its major transport hub.

    The programme of works to build a station that connects the bus and TRAM stations on the outskirts of the city have begun in recent days following an investment of close to €3.2 million by the regional railway authorities, Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV).

    A subsidy of 50 per cent of the building works has come from European Union funds, although this is dependent on the new Benidorm station being completed before December 31 if part of the grant isn’t to be lost.

    Digging has already started on the site and should last for four months. The new station could be operational in mid-August and during the busiest period of the year for Benidorm.

    Once the building has been completed, the current stop of ‘Disco Benidorm’ that supplies some of the popular night spots will be closed down.

    The project also included the electrification of the TRAM route as it passes through a large part of Benidorm.

    It is understood the planned works will not affect the current TRAM service; a service that continues to see a number of disruptions and replacement bus routes due to ongoing renovation work on much of the line north of Benidorm.

    Confirmation of Crissy Rocks dates in Benidorm 2018.

    Monday April 2nd until Thursday 12th April
    Monday July 16th until Monday September 18th.

    December/Christmas/New Year are being discussed but depend upon UK commitments with Panto


    Cost of British passport to increase.

    The price of a British passport is to rise by £12.50 from 27 March for those applying by post.

    Currently, an adult’s passport costs £72.50 regardless of how you apply for it but under government plans this would rise by 17% up to £85.

    The cost of online applications will also go up – but only by £3 to £75.50.

    Children’s passport applications will also increase by £12.50 (27%) from £46 to £58.50 for anyone under the age of 16, but will be £49 online.

    It will be the first time ordering a passport by post will cost more than doing so online.

    Despite the price hike, the government maintains it will still cost less than it would have nine years ago due to fees being reduced in 2012.

    Presentational grey line

    A chance to save £12.50?

    • You can renew your passport at any time
    • Any time left on your old passport will be transferred to your new one up to a maximum of nine months
    • So if your passport runs out before 27 December, you might want to consider getting it renewed in the next eight weeks at the cheaper rate
    • But do not do so if you have any imminent travel plans, as it currently takes about three weeks for a new passport to arrive
    • The HM Passport Office has said it plans to draft in up to 200 extra staff to cope with extra demand in the run-up to the price increase

    Click here to read the full story


    Be very wary of these highly toxic seeds which are being used to make earnings etc and sold on markets .G.Civil have confiscated hundreds. According to the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition, the seed ‘Abrus Precatorius’ contains the Abrina toxin, which can kill a person with a dose of three micrograms in blood, being toxic both by ingestion and by direct contact with a wound. Continue reading HERE

    Approval of the project to remodel Benidorm’s Mediterranean Avenue

    The Advisory Council of Urban Scene has given its approval on Monday to the project of the first phase of remodeling of the avenue of the Mediterranean, which includes the stretch between El Puente Street and the Avd Europa.

    Here is an artists impression of the finished project and nice to see NO cycle lane.

    Blue UK passport to return after EU exit

    The cover of the UK passport will be returning to blue after the UK leaves the European Union, the Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis has announced.

    After Brexit, the UK travel document will no longer be required to conform to EU standards. So in a move to symbolise our national identity, the cover will be changing from the standard EU burgundy colour to a blue and gold design.

    To save the taxpayer money, the newly designed passports will be introduced in a phased approach.
    There is no need for British passport holders to do anything ahead of their current passport renewal date.
    You can read the full story here

    Tourist trap: Britons risk missing their flights home as they face a two-day wait to replace lost passports

    British travellers who lose their passports overseas will now have to wait two days to receive an emergency replacement.

    Previously they could get temporary papers within hours, but the Foreign Office has quietly introduced a new trial system in which emergency applications are handled by officials in Poland and Spain instead of by individual consulates around Europe.

    It means tourists could miss flights home and be landed with huge extra costs while they wait.

    For further information click HERE

    You can also read our comprehensive guide about obtaining an Emergency Passport HERE


    NO Tourist Tax for the Valencia region in 2018

    There will be no tourist tax, at least, during 2018. The Ministry of Finance, headed by Vicent Soler, is finalizing the budget document that will be sent to the Parliament for parliamentary processing, probably on October 31st – the last day of the deadline – without the detail of the tax that would tax tourist overnight stays in the Community. Read more HERE







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