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    Benidorm News Stories and up and coming Events

    Posted by on September 11, 2017

    The top news stories from both the British and Spanish Newspapers this week.

    Please note this webpage is constantly being updated with new up to the minute stories so pop back often for up to the minute news.

    UPDATE  – SPANISH AIRPORT STRIKES: Unions reach a principle of agreement with AENA and give up strikes.

    A meeting will be held today (Monday 25th)to initiate the document. After several weeks of meetings with top officials of the airport operator (including José Manuel Vargas, its president) and the Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Julio Gómez-Pomar, the parties have been able to approach positions despite the fact that dialogue was on the verge of capsizing last Thursday due to differences in salaries. Continue reading in

    Ryanair has announced it is cancelling 40 to 50 flights a day for the next six weeks.

    Passengers on future flights will get a text a day or hours before to say their flight is cancelled and to apply for a refund

    for a full list of cancellations click HERE

    What are my options?

    If your flight is cancelled we offer you two options to choose from:

    1.    Apply for a refund

    If you wish to cancel your reservation and claim a full refund of the unused flight(s) click on the link below and enter your booking details.

    Click Here to Apply for Refund

    Refunds will be processed within 7 working days back to the form of payment used for the original booking.

    2.    Change your Cancelled Flight (for free)

    The easiest way to change your cancelled flight for free (subject to seat availability) is by retrieving your booking online:

    Click Here To Change Flight

    If you require rerouting options, departing / arriving from another airport served by Ryanair or changing an unaffected return flight, please contact one of our advisors using our Free Online Chat or calling one of our customer service Contacts Numbers

    Q. I am already travelling and my return flight has been cancelled. What can I do?

    A. You can rebook on the website and hope to get a seat on the next available flight or make your own arrangements to get to your destination.

    Q. What about the cost of rebooking or accommodation while stranded?

    A. Under the rules of EU261, airlines must compensate people for the disruption, for food, communications, accommodation and other out-of-pocket expenses. Keep all your receipts.

    Q. Which flights will be cancelled in the future?

    A. At present Ryanair is not saying. Passengers will get a text a day or hours before to say their flight is cancelled and to apply for a refund.

    Q. Will flights likely to be cancelled still be on sale in the future?

    A. For the foreseeable future it is likely that flights will still appear in the booking system. As time goes on the airline will have to take them out of the system and passengers will be unable to book them.

    MINI Earthquake in Benidorm

    Mini earthquake of 1.5 on the scale Sunday 24th September with centre at Benidorm at 10.58 am. It was undetectable except by instruments.

    British Visitors spent over 3 million euros an hour during July.

    Spending by foreign tourists in the region of Valencia grew by over 23%.

    Figures published last week show that during July the number of people visiting Spain from abroad reached 10.5 million, an increase of 10.1% compared to the same month last year  Read more here –

    Benidorm HOSBEC association in talks with Valencia government in the fight to avoid 2018 tourist tax…

    The hotel management Hosbec and several representatives of Podemos have been seen today for the first time after the controversy arose around the tourist rate that the residential training wants to impose on the establishments of the Community to tax overnight stays. A meeting that has taken place in the building of Invat.tur of Benidorm , where also has its headquarters the business association. Read more here in

    Benidorm.- Disrupted a criminal organization that swindled its victims by offering false holiday rentals

    The National Police has detained four people from a criminal organization that was dedicated to committing scams by offering their victims false vacation rentals. Officials have so far clarified 170 such offenses.

    The detainees used photographs of flats they found on the Internet and posted them on different internet platforms dedicated to renting real estate. Scam, usurpation of identity, and membership in a criminal group are some of the crimes attributed to the band.

    A 5-month investigation that culminated in the disarticulation of the band and the arrest of the four members

    The investigation began in April following a complaint lodged at Elda- Petrer police station. The victim reported that he had been swindled by those arrested, as he made the reservation payment for a rental apartment he never got to enjoy.

    The activity of the swindlers, was centered in the coastal town of Benidorm. Once the scam was consummated, when the victims made the bank transfer as a reserve, two members of the gang were responsible for withdrawing the money at a cashier, in order to, thus, lose track of it.

    The damage to the victims was double, the economic for the money they disbursed, and the “situation of total helplessness” in which they were when they arrived at their place of vacation and verified that there was no rented apartment. Continue reading benidormaldia

    Summit for UNESCO to look at Benidorm

    The campus of the University of Alicante hosted yesterday 22nd September the first meeting of the group of experts that will assess the possibilities that Benidorm has to become a World Heritage Site . The mayor Toni Pérez and the rector of the UA, Manuel Palomar, attended the work meeting with the large team of teachers headed by Dr. Armando Ortuño.

    More travel misery forecast in Spain as French strike again

    THE travel disruption that has hit Spain recently shows no sign of letting up anytime soon as French trade unions have called more strikes on 18, 21, 23 and 25 September to protest against new labour reforms.

    Disruption to air, sea, and ground transportation are to be expected – with a knock-on effect in Spain.

    The last one-day strike by French air traffic controllers, when they joined a general strike, led to the cancellation of more than 200 flights.

    The UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office has warned, “On 21 and 23 September 2017, French unions have called for protests and strike action across France. This could cause disruption and delays to transport services including rail networks and some maritime ports. You should allow extra time for your journey and check your chosen operator’s website before you set off.”

    25 September
    Several unions have called on truck drivers to launch an indefinite strike and to erect roadblocks near oil facilities, which could affect fuel supplies at service stations.

    Aviation industry body Airlines for Europe (A4E)  has had enough and called on the French government and European Commission to step in. Read more here in THE EUROWEEK

    Serra Gelada

    The young people were lost after trying to access one of the beaches from the top of the mountain.

    Firefighters have rescued two hikers from a steep area of Serra Gelada in Benidorm. The two young men, 37 and 28 years old and from Almoradí, had tried to access a beach in this area from the top of the mountain.

    According to sources, they had left their vehicle at the top of the mountain range and had followed a path from which they deviated from. At one point they felt lost and trapped without being able to leave in an area of difficult access and with great risk of fall. Continue reading here in the Spanish diarioinformacion



    Spain needs rain as drought fears loom

    Photo – PARCHED: Dead Bed Creek and trees of the Barrios de Luna Reservoir, Leon, Spain.

    OFFICIAL figures have revealed the critically low water levels in reservoirs across Spain leading to worries of taps running dry and a drought being declared in some regions.

    Despite moderate rainfall at the end of August the overall level of the country’s reservoirs  is just 41.24% – compared to 54.18%  in the same week in 2016.

    The total capacity of the reservoirs across the country is 55,973 hm3 but the current level is 23,081 hm3 – down 441 hm3  on the previous week.

    Some provinces are faring worse than others with Almeria (8.97%), Valencia  (21.62%), Granada (34.82%) and Malaga (38.23%), featuring towards the bottom of the tables. READ MORE IN THE EUROWEEKLY

    Danniella Westbrook faces €900 bill after smashing up Benidorm hotel room during row with fiancé Alan Thomason

    The pregnant star was heard telling holidaymakers how annoyed she was to be footing the bill.

    DANNIELLA Westbrook is facing an £800 (€909) bill after she and fiancé Alan Thomason got into a row and smashed up a hotel room.

    The troubled former EastEnders star, 43, and her toyboy, 34, caused so much damage to the room at Benidorm City Olympia hotel that the management billed them for repairs.

    And it wasn’t the fight that had left Danniella riled – she was more peeved about having to fork out for the damages. Read more here in the IRISH SUN

    The Local Police arrest a man accused of stealing from tourists on Levante Beach

    A man of Spanish nationality was arrested yesterday afternoon (14th Sept) after being caught while stealing the backpack of tourists on the Levante beach of Benidorm . The events occurred after 4:00 pm when a beach hiker had requested the presence of the Local Police after observing how this man was taking a black backpack to two tourists and immediately ran out in the direction of Bilbao street and onto avenue Avd Mediterraneo, where he was picked up and arrested.

    Among the objects that he was carrying at the time of arrest were a  watch , a mobile phone, a music and video player , music helmets, sunglasses and just over 30 euros of cash.

    The man has been transferred by the Local Police to the cells of the police station of the National Police in Benidorm. In addition to this theft, he is credited with authoring other crimes  that occurred during this summer on the beaches of the city, according to have explained sources of the Corps. Read more here at

    69-year-old bather has been rescued on Thursday, about 10 am, unconscious and with symptoms of drowning

    69-year-old bather was rescued on Thursday, about 10 am, unconscious and with symptoms of drowning on Levante beach in Benidorm . According to sanitary sources, A rescuer has performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers until the ambulance arrived. The medical team has continued with the maneuvers and were able to recover the vital signs of the man.

    Later, the bather was transferred by symptoms, to the Hospital Marina Baixa of the Vila Joiosa by SAMU (Emergency Medical Assistance Service). Read more here at (in Spanish)

    ‘Shark’ sighting off Costa Blanca beach, turns out to be a LARGE TUNA

    SWIMMERS quickly left the sea  as a two-metre-long  fish was spotted off a Costa Blanca beach in the Spanish holiday hotspot of Benidorm.

    A video posted on social media shows the big fish close to the shore of the popular Levante beach.

    Video footage was passed to Institute of Coastal Ecology for confirmation as to what this was and it has been confirmed that it was a species of tuna and NOT a SHARK  at all, a large blue fin tuna can grow to 380kg  and this is the season for them to be in this area, although they dont usually come very close to the shore line.

    National Police Raid Benidorm Clubs

    The National  Police took over Benidorm’s “Square” Thursday 14th for a short period of time, sealing off both entrances to the square in a number of raids on unsuspecting nightclubs.

    This raid is the latest in a series of clampdowns by the National police on local bars possibly supplying or providing a platform for drug sales.  The National police are also there to make sure that venues adhere to the sound limitations set for each individual bar and also that the correct licences are in place.

    There was no need for concern as this was just a standard police raid.   Locals and tourists alike wish to see this area of Benidorm cleaned up and the sale of illegal drugs sold on the streets stopped, and this is exactly what the National Police are trying to do.

    The City Council will modify the group of festive venues to prohibit the opening of a venue or clubs that are not composed of at least 60% of those over 18 years

    The City Council of Benidorm and the Penyes Verge Association of Sofratge, the festive group with the largest number of associates in the city, want to further tighten the siege on the small clubs formed mostly or entirely by minors . This was announced yesterday by Councilman Festivities, Jesus Carrobles (PP), who, in the absence of two months for the Major Patron Saint Festivities, has announced that the City Council will change this year the regulatory side of festive venues to prohibit the opening of a local clubs that are not composed by at least 60 percent of those over 18 years of age.  The full story here –

    Servigroup – NEW sunbed rules

    Dear Guests

    We request that you make good use of the sunbeds and parasols.

    Please DO NOT reserve them if you are NOT going to be using them straight away.

    The Lifeguard WILL remove all the towels if guests are not in the pool area and making good use of them, stopping other guests from using the facilities.

    The Management

    The Guardia Civil seizes more than 1,000 counterfeit products in Benidorm

    The Civil Guard of Alicante has seized more than 1,000 counterfeit products that were sold in the Municipal Market of Rincón de Loix in Benidorm. The agents have investigated 11 people – eight men and three women – as alleged perpetrators of an industrial property crime. The value of the seized amounts to almost 33,500 euros.

    The investigation was triggered by complaints filed by representatives of several brands of sportswear, which warned of the sale of fakes. The Civil Guard of Calp initiated an investigation that finished in the Corner of Loix. The full story here –

    Great News for Campers

    Thousands of Brits enjoy all year round sunshine, superb facilities and fabulous free entertainment on Benidorm campings.

    But with all the sites full to overflowing and more wanting to join in the fun it’s great news that permission has (after years of controversial debate) finally been granted to allow a new one to be built. It’s located in an area known as the Media Legua just behind the El Cisne Flea Market on the road that runs between Albir and Benidorm – read more here –

    Benidorm will also pedestrianise the street Doctor Perez Llorca

    The Urban Scene Council gives the green light to the project, whose financing will come from funds earmarked for the remodeling of Avenida Mediterráneo – The route will follow the model of Calle Gambo –


    Saturday 16th September
    20:30 Coronation of the Fiesta Queens at the Palau d’Esports Vila d’Altea.

    Sunday 17th September
    11:00 Flower Offering Parade from the Plaza Jose Mª Planelles to the Iglesia del Consuelo.

    Friday 22nd September
    13:00 Official announcement of the fiesta with ringing of the church bells and the firing of rockets.
    18:00 Spectacular Entra de la Murta Parade Route: Aparcamiento Facultad, C/ Benidorm, Avda. de la Nucía, Pl. La Creu, Pont de Moncau, Avda. Jaume I, and Pl. dels Sports.
    20:00 Parade of the Music Bands from the Plaça de la Creu to the Pont de Moncau then onto the Plaça Jose Mª Planelles.
    21:00 Presentation of the flags, followed by the pasodoble Ida y Vuelta.
    22:00 Inauguration of the barracas for partying in the Cami de l’Algar car park.
    00:00 Entrance Parade of the Moors and Christians starting from the Avenida La Nucía along Plaça de La Creu, Pont de Moncau, Avda. Jaume I, finishing at C/ Garganes.

    Saturday 23rd September
    08:30 Diana by the Moors, early morning parade of the Moors along Av. la Nucía, Av. València, Llavador, La Séquia, C/ Pont de Moncau, Av. Jaume I, C/ Garganes, Passeig Mediterrani, C/ Gabriel Miró finishing in Pl. José Mª Planelles.
    13:15 Embassy of the Moors in the Plaça de l´Esglèsia.
    20:00 Spectacular Entrance Parade of the Chirstians along C/ Filarmónica, C/ Pont de Moncau, Av. Jaume I, C/ A Llargues, finishing at the Plaça dels Esports.

    Sunday 24th September
    14:00 Spectacular Mascleta (day time rockets and firecrackers) from the Parking del Paseo Mediterráneo.
    20:00 Solemn Procession in honour of Stmo. Cristo del Sagrario and San Blas along the usual route.
    00:30 Grand Firework display.

    Monday 25th September
    08:30 Diana by the Christians, early morning parade of the Christians along Costera dels Matxos, C/ Portal Vell, C/ Sol, C/ Alacant, C/ l’Empedrat, C/ La Mar, Passeig Sant Pere, Passeig Mediterrani, C/ Gabriel Miró finishing at Plaça José Mª Planelles.
    13:15 Christian Embassy in the Plaça de l´Esglèsia.
    20:00 Spectacular Entrance Parade of the Moors along: C/ Filarmónica, C/ Pont de Moncau, Av. Jaume I, C/ A Llargues, finishing at Plaça dels Esports.

    Tuesday 26th September
    16:30 Parade of the Collection of the Flags along Calle Llavador, Avenida Comunitat Valenciana, Calle Generalitat Valenciana, Calle Garganes, Avenida Jauma I, Pont de Moncau to the Sede de la Associació de Moros i Cristians Sant Blai in Casal Fester, where the fiesta hymn and the pasodoble Ida y Vuelta are played.


    Streets decked out like the Middle Ages, magnificent processions, exciting mock battles…This is the festival of Moors and Christians: days filled with magic, legend and spectacle. this festival recreates the historic clash between two cultures.

    The festival of Moors and Christians is a very old tradition that dates back to the 16th century. It commemorates the confrontation that took place between Moorish and Christian soldiers in the 13th century over the rule of Spain. The events are held in honour of the city’s patron saint who also played a decisive role in the battle. Thanks to the saint’s sudden and unexpected intervention, victory went to the Christians in spite of their being outnumbered by the Moors. Find out more HERE

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