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Benidorm reopens the Castell after five months of work

Benidorm reopens the Castell after five months of work

Benidorm reopens the Castell after five months of work

One of Benidorm´s most photographed tourist sites The square of the Castell de Benidorm (Mirador) will be filled once again with tourists and locals from today.  The official opening time is 16.00, after being closed for five months as work took place to explore and preserve the remains of the old fortress that were still present under ground.

The archaeological intervention project and construction of the recovery and enhancement of the Castell de Benidorm began in June and this well-known square and the “viewpoint” were closed, leaving visitors without access to one of the most important tourist sites which appeared in thousands of photographs every year; access was opened for a few days during the November Fiestas. 

Now after months of intense work, the space will reopen with its traditional balustrade and white pergola with blue details and its “pouet”, but also with renovated pavements and as an open-air museum.

There are still a few finishing touches to be completed such as  lighting, forced mechanical ventilation in the elements of tradable soil and signage that will explain each part of the site.

The findings that will be visible under glass windows are part of the medieval walls of Levante and Poniente; the cistern with watering hole; a section of stairs of the XVIII century that gave access to the upper floor of the castle and the modern wall; and the closing wall, part of the moat and one of the walls of the tower of Levante. In addition, two sections of the white railings, dating from 1920, have been replaced with see through panels from which you can also see remains of the wall and a new view of the Island which also provides a much better view of the beach.

That fortress, which was transformed in the sixteenth century and in the eighteenth century maintained the structure, could continue much further but to discover it we will have to wait for another archaeological campaign in the future that allows digging  of other parts of the castle. Meanwhile, the director of Archeology, Eduardo López, explained yesterday that there will be a recreation of what is thought to be the Castell that will be placed in an explanatory panel so that the history of this enclave and each element of those windows of Glass/Crystal will also have detailed explanations.

Visitors can also discover the route of the wall looking by looking at the floor of the square. This pavement is combined with the Portuguese road and the granite checkerboard of the pergola has grown “in width with respect to the previous one”, according to Pérez. 

What stands out is the remodeling of the “Replaceta del Castell”, known as the “viewpoint”. (Mirador) where  a compass of granite occupies the entire space with local and geographical landmarks on each cardinal point, as well as the most unique indigenous fauna specimens that can be found. The works have meant an investment of 1.2 million euros, 500,000 of them from a grant of European funds Feder.

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Note – The article above has been translated from Spanish to English so some detail may be lost in this translation, read the original story at www.diarioinformacion.com


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