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Local News - Benidorm´s famous Square to be renovated

Benidorms famous Square to be renovated - A million euros to reform the heart of Benidorm's *guiri area*

The City Council takes advantage of the total closure of business and the lack of British tourists to renovate the subsoil and give a new image to Avenida de Mallorca.  The project will be an incentive for the reopening of the international market and return of British Tourism.

Radical change inside and out. Benidorm City Council will take advantage of the "emptying" of British tourists in the city to completely renovate what could be called the heart of the *guiri area. That is,  Avd Mallorca, better known to many as "The Square·, which is a mostly pedestrian road where bars, hotels, pubs and nightclubs are concentrated frequented mostly by the British and which are currently closed due to the lack of customers caused by the pandemic of covid-19.

Benidorm´s famous Square to be renovated

A stretch of Mallorca Street, which shows an advanced state of deterioration and which now the City Council will reform taking advantage of the absence of Britons in the area. | DAVID REVENGA

The local government board has already approved the project of infrastructure renovation and reform of this road, which has been developed at the request of the City Council itself the water concessionaire, Hidraqua. The Councilor of Works, José Ramón González de Zárate, explained that the work will involve an investment of about one million euros and will cover an area of about 300 linear meters, in the stretch that goes from Calle Ibiza to Avenida Mediterraneo.

It will be a comprehensive reform; mainly, because the project proposes to renew all public services, from drinking water and stormwater networks, to sewerage and lighting, as well as to completely improve the urban scene of this street, which today is in an advanced state of deterioration.

The work will allow infrastructure renovation to also make water management more efficient and prevent leaks in the grid. This has been moved by González de Zárate, who explained that hydraulic infrastructure "is in poor condition, with losses in the drinking water and sewerage network. It is the time to act to improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs, replacing the current conduction of drinking water and the creation of a wastewater collector that connects with the new infrastructure of The Avd  Mediterraneo". Finally, it is also planned to replace the storm network, incorporating a new one, as well as the installation of hydrants.

As far as the urban scene is concerned, one of the performances will consist of the renovation of all the lighting with the installation of 'powerful' LED luminaires, as it is a section with a lot of passage of people'. Likewise, from the consistory it is also planned to pave the entire pedestrian section, which runs between the streets of Ibiza and Girona, as well as the road of the area open to traffic – between Girona and the Mediterraneo. The project includes the maintenance of the existing palm trees on this street and the replanting of the missing ones, which have been cut down in recent years and have never been spared until now. De Zárate has advanced that technicians are rated the use of printed concrete "of different colours and very striking" for the pedestrian section, so that the new design of the street is also an incentive for the return of British tourists once the health situation allows.

Benidorms famous Square to be renovated - Implementation schedule

The local government has already given the green light to the project presented by Hidraqua. The next step will be to tender and start the works. José Ramón González de Zárate advanced that the intention of the popular is "to tender in two or three weeks, to be able to start work in early 2021", to take advantage of the little or no activity that is currently in this area due to the closure of borders and the quarantine imposed in the United Kingdom. "The idea is to try to execute the bulk of the work before the area's hotels, pubs and establishments reopen, so that when tourists arrive it is finished or very advanced," added the responsible councillor, who en suited the deadlines and the project is completed for the start of the new tourism campaign.

*zona guiri -  A colloquial Spanish name used in Spain applied to foreign tourists, particularly from countries in northern Europe or the Anglosphere. They are strongly associated with beach tourism and commonly stereotyped as blonde with pale skin and often drunk.

Please note the above has been translated from Spanish to English, some detail may be lost in this translation, read the original article in Spanish HERE at DiarioInformation


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0 # Steven Walton 2020-11-18 22:48
Should have been done years ago it’s a disgrace to our city
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0 # Aaron scott 2020-11-18 19:31
Pity there being racist with blonde and pale skin and drunk but sure it’s alright to be racist towards white ppl
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+1 # Roy peverall 2020-11-18 14:18
About time
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0 # Tracy Ann 2020-11-18 14:39
Definitely and great news for the area.
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