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Benidorm Seriously Weekly Meeting Venues

PLEASE NOTE Benidorm Seriously Weekly Meetings HAVE NOW BEEN SUSPENDED

We have noticed a severe decline in the numbers attending the weekly meetings We believe this to be caused by a combination of things. Mainly that many members now simply drop into the office to say hello when they are in town and also the fact that as the group has now grown to over 150,000 members it has simply lost its intimacy. Everyone does not know everyone else anymore.

We are also aware that many members do enjoy the meetings when they are in town, therefore we have decided to introduce a new system. Any member who would like to attend a meeting when in Benidorm can fill in the form below. We will organise meetings when we know there are sufficient people interested in attending and also organise these meetings to be as central as possible to your accommodation. We feel this is fair to both admin who give up their free time to attend these meetings and also to our sponsors, many of whom go to great lengths offering buffets and other similar treats for those in attendance.

Benidorm Seriously Weekly Meetings

Email address
Where will you be staying?
How many in your party would like to attend a meeting?
Please tell us you dates of Arrival and departure

If you do arrive and the bar is busy make sure you come and say hello to one of us, we don´t bite lol and I am sure we are easier for you to recognise as there are only a few of us compared to over 1,000s of members.

FOR PHOTOS OF PREVIOUS GROUP MEETINGS  (Sorry this link is temporarily disabled)

Please also remember our articles collection for Busy Bees charity.

Busy Bees Weekly Meetings

More about this charity HERE on their Facebook Group
What they need -

Toiletries - most of the children have to share things like shower gels etc and I am sure they would appreciate there very own bottle of shampoo etc. so things like shower gel, soap, shampoo, conditioner, even perfumes, aftershaves shaving gel, wet wipes etc

The basics : - Sanitary towels, tampons, toilet rolls, tooth paste, tooth brushes, razors, etc

For the babies : Nappies, baby wipes, dummies, talc, bottles, teats etc

Basically anything that is not perishable, so next time you find yourself in a supermarket just spend that 1€ extra and pop something in your basket and drop it off to us at the meeting.

Thank you all for your kind donations to date xxx

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