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Do you miss your youth?  Do you long for the good old days when you could go out for a "kick around".  With Benidorm Walking Football the good old days are back.

Every Wednesday, at Noon we meet for Walking Football at the Artificial playing fields (Antonio Lopez pitch) just behind Imed Hospital in the Rincon de Loix, only 3€ per session.

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Benidorm Walking Football

We use the term "walking football" loosely.  Many of us are over 50 years of age and choose only to walk.  That does not mean you must be over 50.  We have players of all ages and women are also very welcome, (ages range between 35 and 70 years!) We try to balance the teams to make sure each side has its share of runners and walkers.  The only strict rules are no sliding tackles, or tackles from behind and the ball must stay below head height.  Trainers must be worn, no boots with studs.

With such a mix of ages, shapes sizes and skills it doesn’t matter how good you are or aren’t – it’s taking part that counts and we welcome anyone who wants to play with open arms.

Tourists Welcome

Even if you are just on holiday for a few weeks, come and join in the fun.  It would a great way to spend an hour for Stag (and hen) parties as tourists are always very welcome.  And for those of mature age to keep active.  If there are sufficient numbers and you would like to organise a competitive match between your group and ours let us know.

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