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Benidorm Weather Forecast

Benidorm Weather Forecast

Benidorm Weather Forecast.

Weather report for Sunday 15th September.

 On this page you will find all the information you need about the weather here in Benidorm, a daily weather report, 7 day forecast, average monthly temperatures and links to other weather related pages.


Hello from Benidorm. Welcome to Summer in Spain.  

Today´s top temperature will be 27ºc. (in the shade) it will feel more like 31ºc. .  For average monthly temperatures see below.

A nice bright sunny start to the day, just a few clouds around The temperature here at 10.30 am was 24ºc. 

The rest of the day will be a mixture of sunshine and clouds, it is quite breezy.   We do still have a slight chance of some showers and thunderstorms in the area, hopefully Benidorm will miss these due to the protection of the surrounding mountains.

The wind will be coming from a North North Easterly direction at 17 km/h with gusts of up to 30 km/h. Night time the wind will be coming from the North 11 km/h, gusts up to 24 km/h.

UV ratings are HIGH at Level 6.  Peak time is 12.00 – 15.00 (Please wear a high factor sun cream even this time of year).  Stay safe in the sun read our guide.

Humidity levels are still high at 80%

Read our pages on  Swollen legs  and Prickly Heat if you suffer from any of these conditions.   Are you getting bitten by Mosquitoes? full information page HERE

Overnight temperature of 21ºc. 


Sunrise:7:42 AM

Sunset:8:09 PM

Duration:12:23 hr


Duration:12:23 hr

Sea Temperature today is around 23ºc  


Although not tidal enough for most people to even notice we do in fact have high and low tides here – Today the first high tide was at 6:46 h and the next high tide will be at 19:01 h. The first low tide was at 11:03 h and the next low tide will be at 23:14

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Monday 16th – Partly sunny and humid. high 26ºc, low 20ºc

Tuesday 17th – Sunshine and clouds, possible thunderstorms in the area, high 26ºc, low 20ºc

Wednesday 18th – Partly sunny and humid, high 27ºc, low 20ºc

Thursday 19th – Sunshine and clouds, high 26ºc, low 21ºc

Friday 20th – Sunshine and clouds, very humid, high 25ºc, low 21ºc

Saturday 21st – Mostly cloudy and humid, high 27ºc, low 21ºc

Sunday 22nd – Mostly cloudy and humid, high high 27ºc, low 21ºc


By Tracy Ann Essex

Please Note all these temperatures are taken in the SHADE as all Spanish weather forecasts are.



Temperature 24°C 75°F

Low Temperature 19°C 67°F

High Temperature 28°C 83°F

Sunshine Hours 10 hrs

Chance of Sunny Day 53 %

Rainfall 38mm

Rainfall days 8 days

Chance of Rain 19 %

Chance of Cloudy Day 6 %

Sea Temperature 23°C 74°F

Chance of Windy Day 5 %



Temperature 20°C 67°F

Low Temperature 15°C 59°F

High Temperature 24°C 76°F

Sunshine Hours 8 hrs

Chance of Sunny Day 44 %

Rainfall 61mm

Rainfall days 9 days

Chance of Rain 22 %

Chance of Cloudy Day 15 %

Sea Temperature 21°C 70°F

Chance of Windy Day 5 %


Temperature 15°C 60°F

Low Temperature 11°C 52°F

High Temperature 20°C 68°F

Sunshine Hours 8 hrs

Chance of Sunny Day 47 %

Rainfall 42mm

Rainfall days 8 days

Chance of Rain 23 %

Chance of Cloudy Day 15 %

Sea Temperature 19°C 66°F

Chance of Windy Day 18 %



Temperature 13°C 55°F

Low Temperature 8°C 46°F

High Temperature 17°C 63°F

Sunshine Hours 7 hrs

Chance of Sunny Day 43 %

Rainfall 29mm

Rainfall days 9 days

Chance of Rain 20 %

Chance of Cloudy Day 15 %

Sea Temperature 16°C 61°F

Chance of Windy Day 17 %

Temperature 12°C 53°F

Low Temperature 7°C 44°

High Temperature 16°C 61°F

Sunshine Hours 7 hrs

Chance of Sunny Day 48%

Rainfall 21mm

Rainfall days 9 days

Chance of Rain 19 %

Chance of Cloudy Day 13 %

Sea Temperature 15°C 59°F

Chance of Windy Day 20 %


Temperature 12°C 54°F

Low Temperature 7°C 45°F

High Temperature 17°C 63°F

Sunshine Hours 8 hrs

Chance of Sunny Day 48 %

Rainfall 26mm

Rainfall days 7 days

Chance of Rain 19 %

Chance of Cloudy Day 16 %

Sea Temperature 15°C 58°F

Chance of Windy Day 16 %



Daylight saving time 2020 in Spain will begin at 2:00 AM on Sunday, March 29th

Temperature 14°C 57°F

Low Temperature 9°C 48°F

High Temperature 19°C 66°F

Sunshine Hours 9 hrs

Chance of Sunny Day 44 %

Rainfall 23mm

Rainfall days 7 days

Chance of Rain 18 %

Chance of Cloudy Day 18 %

Sea Temperature 15°C 59°F

Chance of Windy Day 18 %


Temperature 15°C 59°F

Low Temperature 10°C 51°F

High Temperature 20°C 68°F

Sunshine Hours 10 hrs

Chance of Sunny Day 50 %

Rainfall 32mm

Rainfall days 8 days

Chance of Rain 20 %

Chance of Cloudy Day 10 %

Sea Temperature 16°C 61°F

Chance of Windy Day 8 %


Temperature 18°C 64°F

Low Temperature 13°C 55°F

High Temperature 23°C 73°F

Sunshine Hours 11 hrs

Chance of Sunny Day 50 %

Rainfall 32mm

Rainfall days 8 days

Chance of Rain 17 %

Chance of Cloudy Day 12 %

Sea Temperature 18°C 65°F

Chance of Windy Day 6 %



Temperature 22°C 71°F

Low Temperature 17°C 63°F

High Temperature 26°C 79°F

Sunshine Hours 12 hrs

Chance of Sunny Day 64 %

Rainfall 20mm

Rainfall days 5 days

Chance of Rain 9 %

Chance of Cloudy Day 5 %

Sea Temperature 21°C 70°F

Chance of Windy Day 4 %


Temperature 25°C 76°F

Low Temperature 20°C 68°F

High Temperature 29°C 84°F

Sunshine Hours 13 hrs

Chance of Sunny Day 72 %

Rainfall 4mm

Rainfall days 2 days

Chance of Rain 5 %

Chance of Cloudy Day 1 %

Sea Temperature 24°C 75°F

Chance of Windy Day 2 %



Temperature 25°C 78°F

Low Temperature 21°C 70°F

High Temperature 30°C 85°F

Sunshine Hours 12 hrs

Chance of Sunny Day 66 %

Rainfall 8mm

Rainfall days 3 days

Chance of Rain 7 %

Chance of Cloudy Day 3 %

Sea Temperature 25°C 78°F

Chance of Windy Day 3 %


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Jonathan David
VIP Member
Jonathan David


andy electric

Thanks you for share

Natalie Howcroft
VIP Member
Natalie Howcroft

We’ve been end of Jan a few times Inc last year loved it we were very lucky with weather last time, previous time lots of rain! Love it lots open relaxed warmer than UK can’t go wrong I don’t think x

Joan Tomlinson
VIP Member
Joan Tomlinson

We go every January warm when sun is out but gets chilly about 4 0 clock very cold on a night you need a coat, if going self catering make sure you get heating plenty of places open for entertainment xx

Hazel Edgar
VIP Member
Hazel Edgar

We always go for 3 months in winter…never had a same February ever…just be aware it’s freezing night time & yes a lots closed.. still loads open but a different feel to summer time..

Hazel Edgar
VIP Member
Hazel Edgar

September normally scorching, one of my fave months to visit x

Jean Dormand
VIP Member
Jean Dormand

We’ve been the last few years at the end of November/Beginning of December and only had rain once which was a bad thunderstorm overnight.x

Diane Walker
VIP Member
Diane Walker

I’ve been all seasons to Benidorm and never had a bad holiday. There’s always enough to do. Plenty places open. Touch and go with the weather but better than being in England.

Nicola Morris
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Nicola Morris

It forecast storms last week we jad abour 10 mins of rain the rest was beautiful for us

Tracy Insley
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Tracy Insley

We’ve been in March the last 2 years for the Paddys day celebrations this year it was cold but last year the weather was amazing