Brit mum left broke after 'buying' Benidorm bar only for real owner to change the locks

The above headline is what had been printed in several of the British Tabloids, unfortunately their story is not quite the truth.

Karen States

"The British tabloids make for Interesting reading  but this is the true story straight from the horses mouth..."

"So before the gossip starts and rumours spread let me put this out there".

This is Karens Statement to the article printed in the Teesside live - "Can I just correct this as its offended one or two people. I did not put thousands of pounds of savings in and nor did I say that I did. I didnt have thousands of savings. Ali paid for the refit and I was left to the rest. As I took money I put money back into the bar stocking and getting things we needed so after such a short time of it all going wrong then at the end the staff were all paid up in full and suppliers then I was actually left with nothing".

This is the True Story - True story straight (printed with full permission from Karen) from the horses mouth...

I was offered to take on two locales for a bar for myself and rent the premises. I asked good friends to install equipment that was needed part of which has been paid. Last Friday a very nice man arrived to introduce himself as the owner. This confused me as I thought Ali was the owner whom I was to now pay my rent to.

The owner advised me that Ali owes €45,000 in rent and refuses to pay. Ali stood on the shop terrace next door with the owner on my bar terrace and refused to speak to him. Looked very nervous and told me not to speak to him as my contract was with him.

After 2 days running around trying to sort out all the paperwork the Policia Locale arrived late Friday night to tell me there was no opening license on the premises.

The owner has since told me that the license is a shop license and he rents it to Ali who has no right to sublet.

I cant get the license in my name without a contract and Ali cant give me a contract as he isn't allowed to sublet it. He was prepared to sign the business over to me which would have left me liable for the €45,000 debt.

The owner has informed me the court papers have been approved for him to take the premises back on 30th September however Ali refuses to take or be served the papers.

I arrived to open the bar this morning to find Ali has had the locks changed through the night. I've walked away as it's way out of my league and am waiting for the building to be taken back to its rightful owner where upon I will rent it direct from him. After speaking to breweries and suppliers I've learnt this is only one of many who are chasing Ali for money. I'm disgusted that this man could put a woman on her own in this position. This ain't over I'm taking a step back til things are resolved. Anything else you hear is simply bullshit before it starts ! Thank you to my fabulous team of staff who have stood by my side this weekend during a difficult time. We will be back."

"he wont let me.even get my stuff out The brewery know its mine and would only deal with me so he cant claim it's his but he wont let me have it. The only money I have is tied up there. I want to go away for a few days and turn my phone off just to clear my head but without him freeing up this I'm stuck "I went 2 days ago and asked if the brewery could collect the barrels. They just refuse"

Karen also says "The papers who I haven't spoke to have used photos of my staff who have gone mad"

Karen would like to "say thank you to every single person that's helped me this last few weeks. Whether it's a simple message of support, ten minutes of your time or that you've gone out of your way to come and do something for me then thank you from the very bottom of my heart it truly is very much appreciated!"


0 # Paul 2019-08-23 23:24
Good luck love hope you get it all sorted . Were over in September if your back trading we will come and put some cash in your till.
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