British Tourist attacked by Pea Men after warning others

Learn who these people are and what they do HERE, Please DO NOT get involved, even to warn others.

If you recognize the trile game on public roads, call 091.

A young Briton received a beating a few days ago in Benidorm at the hands of a group of trileros (Pea/Potato Men) in the middle of a public road for warning other tourists that they were being scammed .

The attack, which took place in the central Ametlla del Mar Avenue, was recorded by another tourist, who has posted the video on YouTube . The images show how a group of Pea/Potato men kick and attack the young man while his friends try to defend him. At one stage, attackers smashed an object over his head while another wrapped his legs around him as they struggled on the floor The victim ended up with several wounds, one of them on the head.

Above image from Youtube

The intention of this video, he warns, "is not to promote violent behaviour or give Benidorm a bad image. It is to help raise awareness about some of the scams and their dangers. Because problems tend to get bigger if you ignore them." .

The victim, who ended up with his head bleeding after being kicked and beaten in the street, gave up filing a complaint when he saw that one of the aggressors followed him to the health centre and for "not wanting to return to Spain to go to court, "explains the man who recorded the images.

Above image from YouTube

Information provided by Diario Informacion.

As reported earlier this week a Judge has also issued a restraining order against a group of Pea/Potato Men  details here x Restraining order issued against Potato/Pea Men.


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