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Even if you haven’t ridden a bike for decades, the thrill of gliding downhill for nearly 24 miles is an experience you wont forget.

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The Downhill Bike ride, discounts available
6 February 2022
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  • A fun day out and great value for money


    If your looking for a fun day out I recommend the downhill bike tour. It's the second time I've done it, once in the summer and then again last week. You get picked up from your hotel and taken up on the hills on the outskirts of Benidorm and basically ride your bike down the hills seeing some stunning views and stop at the bottom in a village, have a bite to eat and drink, jump back in the minibus and ride down another side if the hill. You don't have to be fit to enjoy this activity as there's not much peddling at all, and for £35 it's value for money and stopping at different places with your guide who gives you a bit of history about where you are.
  • Loved every minute


    We did it last week. Absolutely loved every minute. It's an adventure that's full of surprises! From elephant spotting (seriously!) to a fabulous lunch in a village pub, then a cold beer at the end of the day after all the 'rolling down a hill on a bike'

    It should be at the top of everyone's Benidorm 'to-do' list and it's impossible not to like Tony, Adam & Co.
  • Highly Recommended


    Done this twice - highly recommended
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