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Healthy and traditional breakfasts with a unique burger menu to satisfy everyone ! Open 10am - 10pm from 30th August 2019.

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  • Highly recommended


    <p>As admin, I try to remain impartial at all times and only ad a review where I really consider members need to be informed. This one intrigued me. Burgers and Peanut Butter. Memories flooded back to the era when some bright Scotsman invented Deep fried Mars Bars. I remember it well. I thought, I like Batter and I like Mars bars. Whats not to like? I was wrong. One bite and I descended into hell. It took me three days to rise again. I learned then, that everything I learned in Mathematics was a lie. Two positives CAN create a negative Temptation would not get me again. But now here I am intrigued a second time. Tried these last night. They do work together. Peanut Butter and Meat actually works. Try it...or I expect any others on the menu. They are not just burgers. Highly recommended. </p>
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