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Eminem Tribute - UK Tour 2024



Oct 6

2023-10-06 2025-02-11 Eminem Tribute - UK Tour 2024
2nd February 2024 - The Venue Bar in Bolton.
Tickets are already available for this event, you can also buy tickets on the door at this one.
Click here for tickets -
10th February 2024  - Newcastle, Think Tank - this looks like a proper little grunge venue, looks wicked to be honest.
Tickets will be available soon


17th of February 2024 - the astonishing Neon in Newport.  This venue is incredible, and has a capacity of 2000.  We'll also be having, not one, but two support acts at this event.

Links for tickets will be posted as soon as they are live. 

24th February 2024 - This venue is called the Canvas and its in Mansfield - NOW SOLD OUT

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6 Oct 2023
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