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  • Absolutely disgusted By Tracy Ann


    After hearing so much about this place from various people all stating how much they like it Derek and I decided it was time to give it a try. Every other Chinese we have ever been to in Spain tastes the same, and we were told this was different with different dishes on the menu.......

    The place is quite nicely decorated and we were given a nice window table, but that is where the good stuff ends.

    There is very very little choice on their buffet all you can eat and drink menu (which is not a buffet at all) this costs 13€ per person, there are 4 starters which consisted of 2 soups, spring roll and prawn cocktail, only 8 different choices for the main courses and nothing different to any other Chinese in town, 4 choices of side dishes, ie chips, rice, chow mien and crispy noodles.

    We ordered the starters and these were fine, but no different to any other Chinese restaurant. We then ordered Peking duck which was just the normal sliced duck (not shredded as it should be) the plum sauce was thin, runny and sour tasting and no spring onions, just normal onions. We also ordered the crispy noodles which turned out to be just standard noodles, nothing crispy about them.

    But after ordering our next round of food, I was just about to comment that at least the food is cooked to order even if it is exactly the same only twice the price of any other Chinese, when I look up and what do I see but one of the staff blatantly smoking in the kitchen directly over the food being cooked......

    When I mentioned this to the waitress she assured me that he was not the chief, not quite the point NO ONE should be smoking in a kitchen where food is being prepared for the general public, this goes against ever single food hygiene rule there is, even during this argument the smoker in question just carried on puffing away.......

    After a row about this they threatened to call the police because we refused to pay. We decided that was a good idea as they became quite threatening, we therefore decided to say nothing more until the police arrived. At this point they decided maybe the police should not be called and agreed we should leave without paying.

    Coming from a Restaurant background myself I am absolutely disgusted with what we just witnessed and will never step foot in the restaurant again and will never ever recommend it to anyone. In fact I urge people not to go there, if they can smoke in the kitchen with such blatant disregard god only knows what else goes on there.

    This place is also over priced yes its all you can eat and drink for 13€ per head but you can get much for better value in any other Chinese Restaurant in Benidorm itself. There are several all you can eat restaurants in the area offering a much better selection of food choice for similar or less money.

    AVOID at all cost.
  • It’s a yes frome me...


    After an awful review, we were a little shocked - this is a regular haunt of ours and we’ve always had great meals and service.

    We decided to give them another go and we weren’t disappointed - the 13 euro offer was still on offer and we could choose anything from the vast menu. Our wine was constantly refreshed and the service was great. An absolute bargain!

  • Review by Darren Smith


    Puente de Oro in albir ( Chinese restaurant ) is A MUST for anyone coming to Benidorm , €13 and that includes ALL your food ( and there must be over 30 starters and main courses to choose from ) and ALL the wine / beer / soft drinks you can fit in , FANTASTIC service and lovely lovely staff , best Chinese I have had ! Simply fabulous , 12 of us went and the food / service etc was second to none WELL DONE !!!

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