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1. Mykal Moziah

Mykal Moziah is a Jamaican born reggae artist who grew up in Kingston and now lives in Spain. Reggae music is the vehicle that he uses to spread the message of unity.  

2. Jamaica Road


3. Flares

We brought you JAMAICA ROAD, now we present for you, a whole other show. Songs from 50's, 60's, 70's all guaranteed to get you on the dance floor!!  

4. Reggaefonics

Reggaefonics, the universal language for truths and rights. Our aim is to spread the music of Reggae! 

5. The Fusion

THE FUSION is one of Benidorm's newest shows, performed by Chris and Cathryn who brought you JAMAICA ROAD & FLARES........ But we've added loads more stuff. We're covering it all now!! Reggae, Ska, Rock and Roll, New Wave, Punk, 70s', 80s', 90s'. 
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