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Businessmen in the English area of ​​Benidorm ask for surveillance cameras and police on foot against crime

Businessmen in the English area of ​​Benidorm ask for surveillance cameras and police on foot against crime

Businessmen in the English area of ​​Benidorm ask for surveillance cameras and police on foot against crime

An article by CARLOS MORA at https://www.diarioinformacion.com

The English area of ​​Benidorm continues to suffer from insecurity problems . Residents, businessmen and workers of those streets ask to increase the police presence , especially for the high season for British tourism that begins at the end of September.

The Foreign Tourist Assistance Service (Sate) was launched in Rincon de Loix for over a year. An office in which agents of the National Police Corps (CNP) attend to tourists who have been victims of an illicit, mainly to help them process the corresponding complaints.

The opening of the office of the Foreign Tourist Assistance Service of the National Police in Rincon de Loix has not eradicated the problems of prostitution, drug trafficking and violent altercations.

At present, more than a year and a half after its launch, those who live and work in the area, ensure that there are still serious problems in this area. The president of the Benidorm’s British Businesses Association (Karen Cowles Association of Benidorm) indicates that “there are good intentions to improve the situation,” that both the City Council and the Central Government listen to their needs. In fact, he emphasizes that “with Sate there is a place to go when something happens to a tourist” and it also emphasizes that there are more police cars in the area.

However, Karen emphasizes “that the office only opens during the day and the biggest problems arise at night”, emphasizing that “just behind the Sate building are usually the girls who practice prostitution” and who carry out the theft of the “loving hug.”

The representative of the British businessmen, also points out that “throughout the day several cars of Local and National Police pass”, but when these leave “the problems become present again”.


From the British collective they propose the installation of sufficient surveillance cameras, which on the one hand serve as a preventive measure, but also to allow the security forces to act more quickly. They also request that agents patrol on foot. Karen Cowles says that “seeing the police walking among people, criminals would be forced to limit their activity.”

Those who live or work there, also highlight the invidious behaviors and how annoying they are. They point out that almost every day people are seen urinating or defecating in the street, walking through the street with very little clothing on and disturbing people who cross paths with them. Those who have businesses in that neighborhood emphasize that almost every morning, when they set out to open their businesses, they find fecal waste, urine, used condoms, wallets and even blood on their terraces.

In the case of women, the situation is even more serious, they report that sexual harassment is a constant in that area and the worst case is that it is completely normalized. They say that very often they suffer verbal or even physical aggression, they emphasize that they have learned to live and deal with these circumstances.

From the Department of Citizen Security of the City of Benidorm, its head, Lorenzo Martínez, notes that “this summer the English zone has been very quiet”, but also notes that “it is not the high season for the British”, the largest influx of These tourists occur between the last days of September and the second week of November.

Martínez, has advanced that to guarantee the security during those weeks the number of troops of the Local Police will be increased. In the same way, he hopes that the National Police will reinforce his presence in that part of the city.

Karen Cowles, on the other hand, agrees that the high season for British tourism begins now, on behalf of his associates, he asks that there be “special attention in these weeks by the police, it is the high season and that is when there are more activities criminals.

Please note this article has been translated from Spanish so some detail may be lost in this translation the original article can be read HERE


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