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Cafe Bar owner fights demolition order on Peacock Island

Cafe Bar owner fights demolition order on Peacock Island

The fate of the lovely cafe, bar etc on Benidorm’s island features in Spain’s national press today, as the owners continue to fight a demolition order brought by the government agency “Costas”..(The installations were described as “Illegal” in a natural park).

The ” pirate island ” of Benidorm -probably the last in the Mediterranean could see the bar removed and the island returned to an environmental friendly place if the central government responds to the City Council’s request to demolish the restaurant facilities that has been operating there without a license for more than 50 years.

Natural Park

In fact, in the same written communication from the Senate, Costas points out that the islet of Benidorm is part of the Serra Gelada natural park and, consequently, the competence to ensure compliance with the specific regulations, as well as “those discharged into sea ​​that apparently are being produced from the mentioned establishment », corresponds to the Generalitat Valenciana.

The order of the Coastal Provincial Service was “to remove all existing facilities on land in the maritime land domain intended a restoration establishment (including terraces, stairs, reservoirs, animal cages, and other facilities linked to this establishment), prior to eviction of the natural or legal persons that exploit them ». It was dictated in February of this year and gave three months for its execution.

At the moment the cafe/bar is still operating and you can visit the Island.  Details HERE 




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