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Benidorm in August - What to expect from your holiday

Benidorm in August, what to expect from your holiday.   Benidorm is an all year round tourist destination but each month is slightly different with regards to tourism. August is different to other months, in that it becomes one of the main holiday resorts on the Costa Blanca for the Spanish themselves, with 1000s travelling from even hotter inland areas, such as Madrid, to enjoy the city's coastline, with its clear waters and sea breeze.

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Benidorm in October - What to expect from your holiday.

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Ski Resorts, Valencian Community

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All About Valencia

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What's On in Benidorm - Live Entertainment

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Benidorm Accommodation Search

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Cookery Book, a selection of Spanish Recipes

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Where to go for a British Breakfast in Benidorm

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Benidorm Encyclopedia

Welcome to the Benidorm Encyclopedia

Welcome to the Benidorm Encyclopedia. Feel free to browse through the book. You will find hours of reading. Perhaps the only book you need for the beach

If you know what you want, use the search box at the top of the page
Welcome to the Benidorm Encyclopedia

What happens in Benidorm Happens Here

Whats on Guide

Who, Where and When

Our Famous Whats on guide, is one of the most popular features of the website. The guide is constantly undated throughout the day with information provided to us by the Venues and the Entertainers. Please be reminded however that things can change last minute. While this facility will help you plan your evenings in Benidorm, please check the information displayed at the venue before purchasing compulsory consumption. Hint: The guide can be used to search for a particular Artist or Venue and can also be filtered to show only specific genres.

Whats on Tonight?
Whats on Guide

Photo by Hazel Wood

Sunset. Time to plan the Night time Entertainment


Find your Ideal Accommodation

Benidorm has something for everyone. Occasional when we come across people who didn't like Benidorm, with a little probing, we often learn they simply stayed in the wrong area. Use our search facilities to help locate your perfect location. To use the facility you simple select the criteria that makes for your ideal holiday and our list will filter showing accommodation that suits you. Hint: If you get a negative result from your search, try refining your search as sometimes it is not possible to match all criteria. For example if you prefer the quieter Entertainment area in the Rincon, but also want to be 5 minutes walk from the Old Town, it is not possible to be close to both.

Let me Search

Photo by Jean Dormand

Accommodation Facilities

More assistance for your choice of accommodation

Our Accommodation search facility will allow you to filter the choice of accommodation by Type, Distance to important locations and take into consideration, should you require all inclusive, disabled facilities, Family activities or Adult only. There are additional pages to help for the other small things that are still important to some, such as British TV, Hotels with Spas, Pets allowed, etc etc. We are still here to help

Show Me
Accommodation Facilities

Photo by Julie North

All About Benidorm

The reason our website has over 500 pages.

This section comprises of a host of Information, much too numerous to list here. It certainly makes for some reading to pass the time away while you relax on the Beach in those hot summer days. Where to find the Best Breakfast, the best Sunday lunch, Find out more about your favourite places, Explore the History and the myths behind many of Benidorms Famous Landmarks In fact you may be better to make a start now, you will not get through it all in just two weeks on the beach.

Discover Benidorm
All About Benidorm

Photo by Linda Rice

Benidorm, Things to do

Never be stuck for Ideas again

Numerous ideas of things to do, at night, on rainy days, with the kids, on the land, on the water, at Christmas, the list goes on and on. And if all else fails, you can always pass the time browsing the website

I need Ideas
Benidorm, Things to do

Photo by Joanne Baron

Feed the Birds, Tuppence a bag.

Booking your Holiday

Find the Agents to help

Not everyone wants to go spend hours browsing for the best deals. We can help by pointing you in the Direction. We can help by pointing you in the direction of reputable people who know Benidorm. You will find assistance here.

Help me Book
Booking your Holiday

Photo By Jacqueline Dalton

Including Reviews

Business Directory

Find your way around Benidorm. This section also include reviews for almost every hotel and apartment in the town. Help others by adding your own review for any business.

One of our Best Features of the website. Our Business Directory is loaded with interactive maps to help you find any of the numerous Bars, Restaurants and Hotels and just about everything else you might need to make your visit to Benidorm perfect. Click on the Business profiles for full contact details and discover the occasional delights as Businesses hide the occasional special offers for members to discover.

How do I find it?
Business Directory

Photo by Kathryn Wanda Smith

Looks like Kathryn, enjoyed one of the cooler days!

Classified Adverts

Our Buy and Sell area

The Classified Section of our website is totally free to use by Businesses and Members alike. Just list what you want to offer for sale, Search for Jobs, Find Holiday Rentals and if you are considering buying a property we have an extensive selection on offer with full contact details for the agents concerned.

Browse the Classifieds
Classified Adverts

Photo by Lachlan Lyle

Some of the quint narrow Streets of Benidorm Old Town


Sorry, Crime does exist here too.

Benidorm is one of Europe's safest Holiday resorts, however being aware of what you need to look out for is the first major step to keeping you safe. Try not to let your guard down too low, just because you are holiday, here we will give you tips about the actions of various scam artists in the town, and also were to find help and assistance should you fall victim to their actions. You will learn what you can expect from the Police and the importance of filing crime reports should you wish to make an insurance claim. To use the famous words, Sleep well, don't have nightmares

Tell me

Picture by Lesley Bray


All about your Favourite Entertainers

We already mentioned our Famous Whats on Guide. But who are the people behind the names. Find out more about the Benidorm Entertainment Scene

Curtain Up

Photo by Donna Rowsell


Confused by the number of Fiestas here every year?

Spain loves a party and Fiesta is Spanish for Party. So let find out out what the celebrations are about. In that way you will feel more inclined to join in. The Spanish are proud of their Fiestas and rightly so. They know how to throw party, and Fireworks are usually a big part of that. If you want to experience Spain in all its glory, you can plan your timing here as we list the dates and where it happens

Lets Party

Photo by Stephen Murray

Ready to party

Food and Drink

All the information you need to conform with Spanish Dining Etiquette.

This section contains information on Various aspects of Spanish Dining. Including wine choices, Meal Times, Coffee & Cheese.

Discover more here
Food and Drink

Photo by Deano McGinley

Sunset in the Old Town

General Information

If it doesn't fall into any other category, you will probably find it here.

Here you will find all the website legal stuff, but you can also find links to other information we feel is important to know when you visit Benidorm.

Show me more
General Information

Photo by Lippy Lisa

Health & Safety

Take care in the Sun

This is the section to find all the help and assistance you need to stay safe in the sun. What to do if you do to avoid getting burnt while trying for that perfect tan, and where to find help and Medical assistance if you need it. Were to find a Chemist (Farmacia in Spanish) or a Doctor or even how to call for an Ambulance. You will also find page written by Medical Experts on some of the more complex topics.

Prepare me
Health & Safety

Photo by Sheena Mitchell McIntyre

Just For Fun

For when you get bored and just want a laugh

Lets go
Just For Fun

Photo by Edwin Catlin

Learning Spanish

Tips and Tricks to mastering the language

Ok we are not going to get you Fluent in the language any time soon. But we can help with a few little phrases to make you holiday more Spanish. We can teach you about 3,000 words in one hour, Dont believe it? Have a look.

Learning Spanish

Photo by Lesley Powers

Living in Spain

Convinced and ready to live here?

Perhaps you have spent many days on the beach and ruined your holiday with the thought ti would come to an end soon. Have you reached the point where it is time to make to move and live here. It may not be "living the dream" for most, but just about everyone I know in Spain would not swap the hard working hours to return to the UK. Brexit has changed the rules a little, but we can still guide you through the step to have you settled to a new life in Spain very soon. You will also find short stories of other peoples experiences as they make those bold initial steps.

OK, ready to move.
Living in Spain

Photo by Lee-anne Oneill


All your Financial Concerns

This section addresses everything to do with Money. From Exchanges rates, to opening Bank accounts in Spain, Insurance and much more. Free Tip: Using our shop to purchase your Tickets and paying in Sterling, will save you money on the local exchange rates

Save me a few quid

Photo by Kayleigh Maine Lockley


Stay up to date with everything about Benidorm, with our regular News Updates.

This Section of the website will keep you up to date with not only the most recent news, but you can still look back over some things that hit the headlines in the past. You will also find Special Offers from our Sponsors as they happen. Be the first in the know.

Browse Here

Photo by Wilma Jackson

Taken in February when hubby and I visited. Levante beach x

Photo Gallery

A picture paints 1,000 words

Benidorm past to present. Its amazing how it has changed

Lets look at the pictures
Photo Gallery

Photo by Gaynor Huggins


The place to find all your Theme Park tickets, Airport transfers, Excursions and more.

Prices for these type of tickets are the same throughout Benidorm. In fact on occasions the local outlets are cheaper even than buying Direct or at the gate. Benidorm Seriously will match these prices. When you buy from Benidorm Seriously we do receive a small commission. It is these commissions and the support of our sponsors that allow us to keep our services free to you. But lets ad in a little secret. When you buy from Benidorm Seriously we will accept Sterling at Bank rate. You will therefore save from paying exchange rate commissions on the resort making us a little bit cheaper.....Every little helps


Photo by Jon Ekin

Spanish Recipes

Make it yourself

How often do you sit at home and think, I would just love some of that Spanish.... Now you can. Find all the recipes you need to bring a little bit of Benidorm to the British Isles.

I'm ready to cook!
Spanish Recipes

Photo by Eddie Kavanagh

The Surrounding Area

There more to Benidorm than Benidorm

Think you've seen it all? Time to explore? There is so much to see in the surrounding area. Numerous towns and Villages surround Benidorm. Each one places and extra cherry on the Benidorm cake. The word Beautiful is commonly used when we mention Altea, Gaudalest or Algar Falls. Why not hire a car and really explore the area. There is so much to see and it would be unfair of me to take away all the surprises, but heading into the mountains is one suggestion.

Click here for more
The Surrounding Area

Picture by Maria Forsman

The Weather

It will be hot.....and if it's not

We will tell you about it here. The weather in Spain is not the articulate topic in Spain, that it is in the British Isles. Its normally ok to plan a Bar-B-Q two months in advance. But we do get some Fantastic Storms that can be an experience for your holiday, not an interruption of it.

Guarantee me Sun
The Weather

Photo by John Philpott

Travel Information

Find your way here, around and back home again

This section of the site focus on Travel. We have divided the topic into two sections, By air and by land

OK, lets have a look.
Travel Information

Photo by Debbie Beckett

Travel by Air

All the latest flight information to and from Alicante Airport

Flight updates and offers from all the main airlines, Flight Schedules and much more

Lets Fly
Travel by Air

Photo by Gaynor Huggins

Travel by Land

Whether travelling across Europe to reach here. or simply planing a day in Alicante. Perhaps you just want to find the Fabulous La Zenia Shopping Centre near Torrevieja. Bus and trains information can be found here

Money exchange, Insurance and if you are a business, the best value advertising there is in Benidorm

Lets Go
Travel by Land

Photo by Claire McConvey

Wild Life

Afraid of the Creepy Crawlies?

You could argue that the wild life in Benidorm happens in the square every night where the younger people like to congregate. But we do have a significant number of living creatures you would not expect to come across in the UK. This section will help you distinguish between the ones you can stop and admire and the ones you should give a wide berth to. There is also help and guidance for treatment of stings or bites. But its not all bad news. It could be a Bird Watchers paradise

I want to look but not touch.
Wild Life

Photo by Karen Ferry Hutchinson

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