Concerns about large English pubs encroaching the center of Benidorm

Residents and tourists fear that more and more establishments will be installed in different areas of the city. The catering sector believes that it is good for the British visitor to walk through the heart of the tourist capital but some tourists and residents fear that the British may invade the entire city of Benidorm.

For some months, large-style pubs such as those found in the "English zone" (The Strip and the Square) have been installed in streets such as Calle Gerona (old town end, ie the other side of the Avd Europa) and Primavera.

Premises with large terraces, several giant screens and loud music have previously only been located in the streets of Rincon de Loix, known as the Strip and the Square.  There has always been an unmarked border which was considered to be Avenida Europa.  This border allowed  other tourists such as those with  families and people who come to the city for a quieter holiday to stay out of the way of the noise and heavy drinkers which can cause some destruction. Those tourists, like some residents, have begun to notice that this border has now been crossed and they don't like what they see.

"It seems good to me to have fun, but not to disturb others, if only they come to mess, take it back to their own country ." That's how blunt Alfonso Moreno was, a visitor who came to spend a few days in Benidorm with the idea of ​​resting with his family, but having these  new pubs near his hotel said he could not sleep well any night and in fact he may not return.

Rosi Pérez  states "if you stayed away from the area of ​​the *guiris you had no problem," but explains that this time "I had to see unpleasant situations in the streets of the centre: it was morning and they were already there Drunks lost and annoying everyone".

Javier del Castillo, president of Abreca, believes that this de-concentration of British tourists can benefit the hospitality sector and probably others such as commerce. He stresses that the British "concentrated in the *Guiri area and seemed to be in a ghetto" so that the installation of such establishments in another area of ​​the city "could be the answer to combat the all-inclusive hotels." "The English like Spanish food and tapas bars, but they don't leave their area." 

Juan Balastegui, spokesman for Citizens in the City of Benidorm, criticizes that the "mayor of the city fills his mouth with sustainable tourism and does nothing to prevent drunken English singing at four in the afternoon in the middle of Gambo Street" . Balastegui says that this situation is affecting the real estate sector: that a flat that used to be sold for 900,000 euros on the front line on the Levante beach is now at 400,000 and that is "because of the noise and the amount of drunkards".

*Guiri is a colloquial Spanish name applied to foreign tourists, particularly from countries in Northern Europe.

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0 # Tracy Ann 2019-10-22 00:10
Most of them, if not all are Spanish owned, the town hall need to take responsibility as to what sort of bars licences are given to, they can not moan about the Stags and Hens but then provide the bars that attract them..... you can not have your cake and eat it to.... But I do agree that this previously wonderful area full of restaurants and small bars with outside eating areas will be ruined if they continue to open the larger bars. It will change the dynamics of the area completely.
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0 # Brian Ferguson 2019-10-21 22:16
Im here at the moment and always stay near the old town and its noticeable that quite a few new, large bars have opened like Winners and Uncle Peds Old Town. They always seem busy on night times. It used to be you didnt pass any large places walking down the Gerona until you hit the Rock Star bar and Jumpin Jaks etc. Not sure if its a good or bad thing really?
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