Crime in Benidorm

Crime in Benidorm

Crime happens here in Benidorm the same as it does everywhere in the world, but it can have even more of an impact when people are on holiday, make sure you are fully insured to help lessen any financial losses.

You will find all the information you need on any aspect of crime here on our website, including all the scams, how to report a crime and staying safe etc, so please take the time to read the information provide, knowledge is power.

For every one crime post that appears here, just remember that 1000´s of people holiday and live here with no incidents what so ever, unfortunately its human nature that the bad things get mentioned before the good, but your safety whilst in Benidorm is our number one concern, so it´s all about being aware.

Please take a few minutes to watch this video, which has been produced by the Spanish National Police to show just how quickly and easily crime happens.

Crimes need to be reported to the police, that is the only way we will get more police coming here in Benidorm. - Don´t sit and watch something happening and then report it on here do something to help - call 112 and report the incident.  HOW TO REPORT A CRIME making a DENUNCIA

When reporting an incident make sure you get the terminology right there is a big difference in being mugged to being pick-pocked -

Mugging - The general connotation of a mugging is that the person getting mugged is harmed in some physical way or is at least threatened with injury. Often, people who are mugged get beaten up or injured with some sort of weapon. The combination of attacking and theft of personal property is important to the definition of mugging.

Pickpocketing - is a form of larceny that involves the stealing of money or other valuables from the person  without them noticing the theft at the time. It may involve considerable dexterity and a knack for misdirection. A thief who works in this manner is known as a pickpocket.

If you need help and assistance with reporting a crime and making a denuncia the place to go is the S.A.T.E office.

List of EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS  If in doubt call 112 which is equivalent to 999.

List of English Speaking Lawyers in this area.

There is a lot you can do to keep yourself and your possessions safe, most of which are common sense but that can be lost after 20 pints of beer or 10 large vodkas lol, so please all read this information page on KEEPING SAFE IN BENIDORM (of course a lot these tips apply to where ever you are in the world).  A lot of incidents happen whilst on the beach, some tips HERE on keeping your items safe, also please DO NOT use the BEACH VENDORS, these are all unlicensed.

One of our most asked questions is about the Pea/potato men, basically just cross the road and ignore them, find out who they are and what they do and also why the police can not do more to stop them HERE

You can find our more here on SUN, SEA AND SCAMS

Be vigilant when using the ATM machines in town, always try to use the ones at the main banks, not only will you be more secure but you will get a better rate and less commission charges.  Whilst on the subject of money, DO NOT use these EXCHANGE PLACES unless you are changing large amounts of cash or you will NOT get the amount being advertised.

Always be aware of who and what is going on around you especially in crowded places such as coach pick up and drop of points and markets etc, here you will find information and photos on some of the well known PICKPOCKETS.

Download the ALERT COPS APP - AlertCops is a citizen security alert system of the State Law Enforcement Authorities (FFCCSE in Spanish)

The goal is to create a universal access for every public citizen to security services, so any person, regardless of their language, origin or auditory or vocal disability, can send to the State Law Enforcement Authorities (Police and Civil Guard) an alert about a crime or security incident whether they are victims or witnesses of such.

PROSTITUTION here in Spain is treated very differently, this explains the laws and why you should not get involved as most of these ladies of the night are just there to pick pocket you.

Guidance for victims of rape and other forms of sexual assault in our area.

If you are unlucky enough to either misplace or have your mobile phone stolen there are ways of TRACKING YOUR PHONE.


If you come to Benidorm as part of a larger group, please look after each other, know where you are staying and don´t go wandering off alone, we get lots of posts about missing people, most of whom have just had too much to drink and don´t know where they are staying, but here is how to FILE A MISSING PERSONS REPORT  Please drink sensibly do not become a victim of ALCOHOL POISONING  or getting your DRINK SPIKED.

The Bouncers/Door staff here in Benidorm seem to be a great topic of conversation and you will find more information here on the "Benidorm Bouncers " page.

There are other various scams that go on around town - THE CAMERA SHOP SCAM  and THE FAKE PETITION SCAM

Hopefully this is something we will never need but watch this video on WHAT TO DO IF INVOLVED IN A TERROR ATTACK  whilst on holiday.

There are four types of POLICE here in Spain, learn what each of their roles are HERE, and we hope this information will not be needed but here is how to MAKE A COMPLAINT AGAINST THE POLICE, themselves, if you feel you have been unfairly treated and what to do IF YOU ARE ARRESTED.

If you are a resident here you should be aware of THESE SECRET SYMBOLS, that burglars use.





0 # Tracy Ann 2019-05-13 15:03
Even here in the Benidorm Seriously office we get the odd con person in.....
This morning a well dressed Spanish gentleman carrying a briefcase in his late 50´s early 60s came into the office. The con..... he said that his car had been towed away by the grua, and could we give him 10€ to get a taxi..... on asking him to enter his car registration details on the grua website which would have told us where his car had been towed to he became agitated and insisted we give him money for his taxi, he was told no and stomped out in a aggressive manner, he did not bother going into the business next door, who speak fluent Spanish.
If you get this ask them to fill in their registration details on the above link, that will sort out the con men from someone genuinely in need of help
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0 # Matthew 2019-04-28 23:08
Matthew Hewitt

Wondering if anyone has had any problems with the small electrical shops which sell cameras mobile phones and phone accessories the shop sellers are Asian men I think pakistan. The problem is my iPhone charger has broken I needed a new wire to charge it, he sold me one for 15 euros but the sticker on back said 39 euros. He said they are great and Apple approved well I know there not Apple approved because they’d sell these at home. Tried to sell me an original Apple wire I wanted 2 metres he said it was 2 metres even though the box states 1m he said that’s the usb part which wasn’t right obviously thought I was thick. I bought the cable which was 15 euros. got back to hotel and it won’t even power charge it’s a dead cable, I’ve tried 2 Apple plugs tried mums cable from UK just to test it wasn’t my plug and her wire works. I now need to return it tomorrow but I know I’m gonna get issues with a refund, if I do could I get police involved? Let me know... thanks
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0 # Tracy Ann 2019-04-28 23:25
So sorry you got caught out like this thankfully it was only 15€ some have lost a lot more, always check the items in the box at the shop and not once you have left, not much use to you now but it will help others in the future.

Try taking it back but don´t hold out much hope, you may at best get a replacement hopefully a working one, test it at the shop, if not, ask to see their book of claims this may scare them – if they get nasty then dial 112 and call the police. To be honest I dont think it would be worth the effort of making a denouncia (official police report) for 15€ but its the principle involved, but you can threaten them with that as well –

Please let us know the outcome x
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0 # Tracy Ann 2019-04-06 18:09
A new incident/scam to be aware of as reported by Ema Jane Benidorm Seriously Group Member
Just seen a scam in Benidorm last night. I couldn't do anything about it as I was in my car and I didn't see where the guys went. Please be aware. It starts off with a girl approaching a group of guys asking for help (not sure if she needs to get to the airport or hotel) the guys pull over a taxi ask how much it is for her ride, the guys give her money she gets in the taxi and the group of guys walk away. The taxi then drives for 2 seconds pulls over and the girl gets out with the money. Please be wary!
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0 # Dave 2019-01-09 22:10
A wee bit of info. On the way back from the outdoor market about 1.30pm we had just got past the Pueblo hotel when we saw two Spanish looking women trying to rob an elderly lady, she was fighting them off with a walking stick by the time I shouted and got to her they ran across the road.
Luckily they didn't steal nothing but the good news is a car pulled up in the middle of the road and 2 Spanish blokes jumped out they was plain clothed police I shouted 2 women heading back towards the Helious tried to rob this woman they chased and caught them. We then made sure the women was okay and followed her back to her abode.
The only good news is there's Spanish plain clothed police patrolling the streets which I didn't know.
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0 # Haylwy 2018-11-03 01:09
Once again all comments are off for anything negative in Benidorm!!! Nothing bad is allowed to be Said!! Leave comments on to discussion instead of admin thinking they are law enforcement! This goes for all posts!
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0 # admin 2018-11-03 01:24
comments are not turned off you have just commented? and they never are here on the website.
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0 # Jase On 2018-10-26 10:18
I know this type of thing may of been posted already,but at 3am this morning,as we walked along avenida del mediterraneo,myself and partner interrupted 2 young women attempting to rob a young drunken guy. Fortunately he managed to realise what was happening,and run back towards the strip,so we only hope he got back to where he was staying safely. 2 other British men,at the same time as this had just come off the beach,and had had the same thing happen to them,so please,when you’re out drinking,keep your wits about you!
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0 # Chris 2018-09-27 20:41
Walking past Tiki Beach an hour ago and saw some guys crossing the road away from it. They were acting about trying to jump on each other’s backs. One of the group lost his balance and slipped into the road. A light coloured Yaris approaches blowing its horn and the female driver shaking her head. She stopped in front of him, and while the guys friends were trying to pick him up, she tried to drive round him, edging forward without stopping, clearly knowing he was still laid there. She then drove off. She may have made contact as his friends were calling for an ambulance and he didn’t move for a short while after she drove off. The staff from Tiki came across and spoke to the policia local who turned up a minute or so later. The police managed to get him up in the end and his friends carried him off. The point I’m making here is for those driving along the seafront when they know people clearly in drink need to exercise caution. Whether a local driver or not, the guy had obviously had too much to drink but tourists like this bring a lot of money into Benidorm and I think a bit of patience may be needed if you drive down there. Maybe 25 years ago I’d have been one of his mates doing the same sort of thing. I get that the locals have to deal with these sort of people every day and it maybe does wear thin but in the case of what happened today, someone could have been seriously injured, whoever is to blame I’m not here to judge.
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0 # Craig 2018-09-16 14:42
For business owners, taking some simple but effective measures would help deter opportunist thieves/scammers. Well positioned and well managed CCTV systems do not cost the Earth and will deter criminals and reassure customers. Just remember to ensure that the footage may be required as evidence in the event of an crime/incident and needs to be clear and detailed. Also make good use of signs at the entrance point, warning that CCTV is in operation.
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0 # Katie 2018-08-31 20:53
Police should be doing more checking cctv in clubs etc my partner was pickpocketed in a bar bouncer or police weren't botherd he felt it happen and give chase you should feel safe on your holiday! .
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0 # Trotters International Trading 2018-08-20 02:38
Andy Gray

A warning to bar owners.... trotters International trading bar has been robbed twice this week, firstly a gas bottle now cash and documents, please be aware when dealing with customers I have cctv images so will be handed to the police. If anyone finds any documents in my name please let me know
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0 # Gary Bowcott 2018-08-19 14:21
Crime is no worse in Beni than anywhere else, keep your wits about you & you will be fine, don't think that just because you are on holiday that you can be less observant, you may be on holiday but the thieves/pickpockets etc are not. We have been going to Beni 3 times a year for the last 23 years & have never had any problems, touch wood.
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0 # Darren Smith 2018-08-19 13:10
Well the ban on “props” lasted long , went to see the fabulous Ruby Rox , three lots of Coke , 2 lots of weed and copious amounts of shots offered in the space of 200 yards !
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0 # Hazel Edgar 2018-08-19 13:14
Shocking ??
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0 # Eleanor Leigh 2018-08-19 13:01
if there was a similar site for some of our cities I would be extremely scared .I actually feel safer in Benidorm than I do in the UK. Just in one week 5 older people got mugged at cash machines in our town .x
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0 # Eleanor Leigh 2018-08-19 12:54
What I can't understand is that I see the same people on the streets know their faces as they usually knock around the same places so how can the police not find them
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0 # audrey delurey 2018-08-30 00:42
the guards dont care it happens about 100 times a day and they gave up helping my daughter was robbed and when she went to report it they said unless she points the person out they couldnt do anything to help
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0 # admin 2018-08-30 01:05
That would be exactly the same in the UK, unless a person can identify the thief or they are caught red handed, obviously they can do no more, but its important to report crimes so Benidorm gets more police support also you need a police report number for any insurance claims.
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0 # admin 2018-08-19 14:29
These people are known to the police, but they need to actually catch them doing something wrong to be able to charge them, which is why its important to report something at the time.
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