Cycling in Benidorm, day as a tourist

Cycling in Benidorm

It has long been our quest to provide as much information to our members as possible regarding Benidorm and the surrounding area.  We have shared our experiences from our road trips as we explored many parts of Spain beyond Benidorm.  For those experiences reserved for the visitors and very seldom tried by those of us who have made Benidorm our home, we have been guilty of leaving that to our members.  Today we decided to put some old theories to the test.  The first is that you often miss the most beautiful things right on your own doorstep.  The second was a test on the theory, "its like riding a bike".  If you have done it once you never forget it.  Armed with these two challenges Derek and I accepted an invitation from Sergio of Visit Benidorm to go cycling in Benidorm. 

Cycling in Benidorm

Benidorm actually has more then 100km of cycle paths and today we were going to explore a small portion of them, one being the beautiful  Sierra Helada/Gelada Natural Park, which is right outside our door and an area we walk our dogs every day.  This time we would do it by Bicycle.  I have to admit we did cheat a little with the use of Electric Bikes (E-bikes).  After some encouragement from the proprietor of Tao Bike and the reassurance of Sergio´s more youthful years travelling with us, one or two trial circles of the immediate area outside the shop to make sure I would not need children´s stabilizers Derek and I were ready for our adventure. 

Cycling in Benidorm

Rather than face the deadly hills around the coast, we headed first of all to the Viewing point, EL Mirador de la Punta del Canfali in the old town.  It's true, it was just like riding a bike.  Within a few minutes our confidence was rising and peddling uphill toward the Mirador really was surprisingly easy with the assistance of electric power. 

The view from El Mirador was as spectacular as ever.  Even though this is an area we are very familiar with, and with the weather a little duller than what we normally experience in Benidorm, it is from this point Benidorm can really be experienced in all its grandeur. 

Looking to the east past Mal Pas Beach and along Poniente Beach, Benidorm´s longest Beach towards La Cala bay, we can marvel at the fabulous M shaped building the Intempo Apartments and the The Gran Bali Hotel as it stands proudly as Europe´s  tallest hotel

Cycling in Benidorm, Mal Pas Beach

To the West, Levante Beach looks equally as inviting and the view stretches right across to the Punta del Cavall look out tower.  Sergio suggested that should be our next destination.  To a walker that would have seemed quite daunting as it stands around 5 km away.  But if you really want to explore, I suggest you consider cycling in Benidorm.  

Downhill through the Old Town and along Levante beach seemed a breeze with our now enhanced cycling skills and we again began to ascend up into the Sierra Helada Natural Park, this entire area took on a completely new feel. 

Under Electric power, the hills disappeared and the freedom of rolling around some of Benidorm´s jagged but stunning coastline liberates the entire experience when the sun is not zapping your energy as you dread each uphill slope. 

This is an area not often visited by the British, but is an area of outstanding natural beauty which demonstrates to perfection that Benidorm really has something for everyone.  You could spend hours here just soaking up the sun on the beaches of Tio Ximo and Almadrava and enjoying the stunning scenery, in peace and tranquility, two words not often used to describe Benidorm.


After snapping a few pictures from the lookout tower, it was approaching lunch time.  Where else would be better to finish off our tourist prospective of Benidorm than Tapas Alley.

La Taperia Aurrera tapas bar was suggested as the place to dine, situated in the heart of Tapas Alley and with a mouth watering selection of reasonably priced Tapas and friendly staff, we relaxed and enjoyed some of the best tapas we have ever found in Benidorm accompanied by the ever popular Pan y Alli Oli.  A favourite throughout Spain, not just in Benidorm.  

In closing, we have both enjoyed yet another experience in Benidorm.  Derek is already 60 years of age and I am not all that far behind him.  If cycling in Benidorm has sounded a little daunting in the past, I suggest you do not let age put you off,  It is a relaxing way to see some of Benidorm´s most glorious places.  Its true, it is just like riding a bike even after 30 odd years.

Many thanks to the VisitBenidorm team and Tao Bikes for a wonderful day out.

E-Bikes can also be hired from Marco Polo and Benidorm Trips

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