Derek the Benidorm Seriously Phenomenon

Derek the Benidorm Seriously Phenomenon 

Derek Flynn the Benidorm Seriously Phenomenon - Derek a former miner, aged 88 from Rhyl, has become one of Benidorm's best known visitors and he achieved that status in just 2 weeks.

27th February Update - Derek was due to fly home today, but due to some problems with airport assistance he missed his flight, and is now here in Benidorm for another week.

It all started with a simple post to our Facebook Group by his friend Nigel Hobday.  It read

"Tomorrow a friend of my mine called Derek who is 86 is coming to Benidorm on his own to the Pueblo from Manchester with jet 2. He loves Benidorm but sadly he is coming on his own as his wife passed away 2 years ago.

He is fit as a fiddle and loves singing but like me sometimes forgets were he is and, loses his keys lol. He has assistance with jet 2 to help him through the airport and to the hotel, but me and his friends hope he is OK over there on his own... if you see him say hello he is lovely guy"

Nigel, who got Derek’s age wrong in his first message, said: “I just wanted to know he was being looked after.

Touched by the post, in true Benidorm style, the members of Benidorm Seriously opened their hearts to him.  Everyone who met him made sure he received the biggest welcome possible.  

It's the little things like this you won't find anywhere else, but Benidorm and Derek says “I’ve been all around the world but Benidorm is the best.”

Nigel and Derek first met six months ago in a betting shop where they both live in the town of Denbighshire, and after Nigel returned from a trip to Benidorm Derek said he wished he could go again. He had taken many trips over the years to the holiday destination with his late wife, and enjoys singing karaoke in the bars.  But after his wife's death during the Covid pandemic he had grown lonely, living on his own. Nigel said: “I’m just happy I could make his dreams come true. As far as I know, he's living the life of Riley."

Nigel Hobdey, 61, helped the pensioner book the trip and even drove him to Manchester Airport on February 5th. 

Everywhere he goes he’s getting attention and Benidorm Seriously members have commented that he looks like Robert DeNiro.

Some members on the group have said that this shouldn't have been done as he's vulnerable blah blah blah, but Derek has had people looking out for him all the time, walking him back to the hotel, so he's got eyes and ears out there everywhere and Nigel has been talking to him and Derek is  "having a ball" making new friends.

Derek the Benidorm Seriously Phenomenon

This story has now made the UK Tabloids with articles in The Mirror, The Rhyl journal, The Daily Post, North Wales Live and The Sun and various other online publications.

The photos below have all been posted to Benidorm Seriously showing Derek “living his dream” during his three-week holiday, and have been put together so Derek can enjoy them on his return home.

Derek said he was not letting the fame go to his head, adding: “I’d never say no to a selfie. I’m having the time of my life.”

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