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Destruction caused in the Region by Today´s Gota Fria

Destruction caused in the Region by Today´s Gota Fria


Destruction caused in the Region by Today´s Gota Fria

NOTE:  For those not familiar with the term Gota Fria (Cold Drop), this is a visual explanation of the difference between a gota fria and heavy rain.

Our thanks to Tony’s Exchange for the video

Please note this page will be updated as events arise.

Although Benidorm has seen some quite heavy rain, we often miss the worst of the bad weather as we are protected by the surrounding mountains, unfortunately other areas in our region are not so lucky as the reports and photos below show-

For live updates on arrivals and departures at Alicante Airport click HERE

If driving consult the regions road conditions here Consult the list of road conditions provided by 112 ..

The Gota Fria causes chaos in the province and takes two lives in Caudete (approx 2.5 hours from Benidorm)

The cold drop that plagues the Valencian Community today affects practically the entire province of Alicante, where although it has not caused personal injury it has forced several rescues and generated transport problems, leaving historical rainfall values

15.30 hours Flow of the Barranco de las Ovejas of Alicante this noon.

15.45 pm Desolate landscape in the streets of Beneixama due to flooding.

14.49 hours.  This is how Guardamar del Segura has remained after the tornado.

14.29 hours. he deputy mayor of Redován , Adrián Ballester : “Firefighters do not arrive in Redován”. The municipality has requested emergency level 3 for the municipality. Informs: Pino Alberola.

14.23 hours. The Municipal Operational Cooperation Center (CECOPAL) reports that the Oriol Occupational Center has been evicted due to flooding in the center and Civil Protection and the Red Cross have proceeded to enable a provisional shelter located in the Virgen de la Puerta school. Informs: A. Trives.

14.19 hours. Four families evicted in Benejúzar due to the rains. Mayor Miguel López asks citizens not to circulate in the municipality, where there are streets cut by the effects of the cold drop. More info here . Informs: C. Pascual .

14.17 hours. The Vega Baja Hospital in Orihuela reports that given the emergency situation, all ambulatory activity scheduled at the hospital will be suspended and will resume next Monday, but urgent care is guaranteed. Informs: R. Míguez.

15.55 hours. Anyone for coffee –  Orihuela .

16.13 hours. In Dénia,  multiple destruction in the beach bars and restaurants

16.52 hours. The cold drop floods the streets of Santa Pola . The rains have affected the beaches that are flooded as well as some streets such as the surroundings of Fortaleza Castle.

17.00  The Military Emergency Unit is mobilized to assist in the floods that are occurring in Orihuela

17.33 hours.  The passage of the DANA through the Marina Baixa leaves streets cut and minor damage. Only the case of l’Alfàs del Pi stands out , where Sant Pere street was cut due to the accumulation of water, so it is not possible to access the Albir health center. Municipal sources report that for that reason, all emergencies are being treated in the health center of the town center of this town.

17.40 hours. In Redován , numerous homes have suffered floods

17.10 hours. They suppress the TRAM lines on San Juan beach between Avenida de las Naciones and Avenida de Holada.

17.50 hours. Evicted 34 people in Orihuela for the cold drop . Decreased level 0 alert to exceed 250 liters per square meter in the city where heavy rainfall has dragged vehicles and caused landslides on the N-340, which remains closed.

18.00 pm Red Cross enables several shelters in the province to care for the injured or evicted.

18.15 hours. The Alicante City Council recommends that citizens do not use the vehicle or travel on the street due to the threat of increased rainfall in the next few hours.

18.20 hours. Two men save the life of an old man locked in his car about to drown in Molina de Segura ( Murcia ).

16.49 hours. Road closed in Pila de la Horadada . Cut the transfer bridge and the road that goes from “El Rincón de Pepe” next to the Mediterranean School, to the ITV; the road of the Iryda was cut off with avenue of sale; and closed to traffic access to Pinar de Campoverde by the road of the Plains.

18.25 hours.  The trains of the L4 and L5 of the TRAM are closed due to the rain on the beach of San Juan between the Avenue of the Nations and the Avenue of Holada

18.48 hours. These are the accumulated rainfall data in the province of Alicante in the last 24 hours, according to AEMET.

Beniarrés: 359.0
Ontinyent: 296.4
Orihuela (CH Segura): 259.2
Orihuela: 257.0
Muro: 214.2
Vallada: 196.4
Crevillent (CH Segura): 178.2
Agres: 174.6
Jacarilla (CH Segura): 164.8

19.05 hours. Some 200 workers at the Puente Alto de Orihuela industrial estate remain isolated  due to flooding and place sacks to prevent water from entering the facilities while they wait for emergency services to come and rescue them. “We are trapped and nobody comes looking for us . 

19.25 hours. The storm shakes the beach of San Juan , where Avenida de la Costa Blanca and Avenida de Holanda remain closed to traffic.

19.40 hours. Concern about the possible overflow of the Segura River as it passes through Orihuela.

20.10 hours The president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has offered the help of the Generalitat to recover normalcy as soon as possible in the towns of the Valencian Community affected by the rainy season. According to Puig “in any emergency episode the fundamental thing is that there is no personal misfortune, and all institutions must collaborate to help neighbors out of a difficult situation.”

20.15 hours.  82 municipalities in the province of Alicante suspend classes on Friday morning due to heavy rains. For the second consecutive day, 270,000 students from all over the province of Alicante will be left without teaching.

20.20 hours. The province of Alicante shaken by thunderstorms. This is today’s lightning record, according to AEMET.

20.40 hours Red Cross expands the shelters to attend evicted and injured by the storm throughout the province of Alicante

9.00 p.m. The Local Police of Alicante close the avenue of Elche to traffic, in both directions, in the section between Mexico Street and Aguamarga.

21.40 hours Two flights that were scheduled to land at Alicante-Elche Airport have been diverted to Valencia airport. The planes came from Barcelona and Luton. In addition, several flights are suffering delays and there could be more detours or cancellations – For live updates on arrivals and departures at Alicante Airport click HERE

21.50 The Villena City Council has installed a generator set in the district of La Encina to guarantee the electricity supply. The drinking water supply has also been restored. The mayor of Villena, Fulgencio Cerdán, has moved this afternoon to the hamlet, along with the councilors of Works and Water Cyclic, to assess the consequences of the storm .

More than 200 soldiers work in the incidents caused by the Gota Fria in Orihuela

22.09 hours. The lightning strike near Elda causes a momentary power outage in the city.

10.15 p.m. According to AEMET “there are still 24 very adverse hours” of the cold drop that has flooded the province of Alicante.

If you are in a flooded area – It  is recommended not to leave your home and avoid traveling on public roads and using vehicles. Weather forecasts indicate a significant increase in rainfall. It is essential that flood areas are avoided and that much attention is given to the ravines, ravines and roads that may be affected by the accumulation of water, especially in rural areas.

10:45 p.m. Currently the taxis of the city of Alicante can not circulate due to heavy rains.

Flights to Alicante diverted
At least six flights scheduled to arrive at Alicante-Elche Airport this evening have been diverted to Valencia (4) and Madrid (2) due to torrential storms and strong winds at El Altet .Several other flights have been delayed and further diversions and cancellations are expected.

Flight Diversions

According to AENA the following inbound flights to Alicante Elche have been diverted to other airports:

If you have airport transfers booked they will be aware of the situation.

FR 2151 BHX
FR 691 PIK
FR 9079 LBA
FR 5579 EDI
FR 9898 LPL
FR 8296 BRS
FR 9185 EMA
FR 8976 STN

EZY 8667 LGW
EZY 6703 BFS

TOM 5480 LGW
IB 8396 MAD
LS 1527 STN

The worst is yet to come: Red alert in almost the entire Community for tomorrow

you can also keep up to date here (in Spanish) www.diarioinformacion.com




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