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Disruption to Roads in Benidorm

Disruption to Roads in Benidorm

Disruption to Roads in Benidorm – due to roadworks

Update – 30th June

The ongoing roadworks around Benidorm are set to continue, normally work of this nature stops during the month of August, but this year Benidorm City Council has published a decree authorising the continuation during the summer of some of the works in progress.

The city has a municipal ordinance that prevents these works from being carried out on public roads, with some exceptions. The “exceptionality” to the rule has been justified in this case “for the public interest” and because its delay “would cause harm to citizens,” said Councilman Works, José Ramón González de Zárate.

Gonzalez de Zarate recalled that many works have pre-established deadlines for completion and it depends “on access to grants.” In this chapter the performances in the Avenida de l’Atmella de Mar “with a pending grant of 450,000 euros that has to be finished before August”, or those of Universal Accessibility and Sustainability, of one million euros “that should be finalized before November 15 “. Likewise, are the works in El Castell, El Tossal de La Cala and the Cyclist roads.

In addition to the above, summer work will also continue on Via Emilio Ortuño and La Cruz, on Avenida del Mediterráneo; and in the urbanization of urban land in Poniente, at the height of Armada Española and the Hotel Poseidón.

December 2018 – Benidorm, a city upside down due to major roadworks.

Benidorm will carry out numerous projects in the coming months that will affect many of the towns roads with plenty of traffic detours in place.

Source – www.diarioinformacion.com – Please note this information has been translated from a Spanish news article so some information may have been lost in translation

The investment this year exceeds 25 million euros from both municipal funds and other administrations.

Over  the next few months, there will be a lot of roadworks in progress, work is due to continue until Easter and possibly longer.  Work has already begun on Avenida Mediterraneo  as well as a part of Ametlla de Mar, work  will also begin on Avenida  Europe, the upper part of Jaime I or that of Tomás Ortuño. In addition,  asphalting is planned for more than 30 routes, and changes in street lighting in several neighborhoods and the creation of the cycling ring with 11 more kilometers of bike lanes and cycle paths.

“From now until Easter there will be works everywhere”. warns the Councilor of Works, José Ramón González de Zárate.  The Accessibility Plan, the small works of the Urban Scene, the Séquia Mare park, the Ametlers park, the improvements in the Tamarindos or the repairs and improvements in the Hermitage of Sanz are added to all the named actions .  All this without counting works that do not affect the streets  such as Foietes children’s park, and  improvements to the park of l’Aigüera or racharel ravine, among others.

In 2018, in these works (some of them will be extended in two annuities), Benidorm has put on the table more than 25 million euros that come both from the municipal and other administrations. In the first case there is the Avenida Mediterraneo,  which is without doubt the star project to finish the year and that will be extended, according to the anticipated terms, until March of 2020. This main artery is already upside down. In the Plaza de la Hispanidad you can already see the machines working at full capacity. This work has caused that it is necessary to reorder the traffic and to cut some streets which caused chaos of traffic in the first days. Along with it, Puente Street will also be improved, the pending section of Doctor Pérez Llorca, Valencia, Bilbao and Emilio Romero. In total, an investment of 11.4 million euros.

Avenida Europa – The improvements on the Mediterraneo  mean that this road will have a remodeling within the  first stage of the project.  lanes will need to be cut  Along with these two avenues, Ametlla de Mar is also underway and with traffic detours. There the pavement will be improved, and a bike lane will be created.

The investment is 1.1 million of which 450,000 are from the Diputación de Alicante. In April 2019 it should be a reality.

Tomás Ortuño and Jaime I

Among the works planned for the coming months are to finish two well-known streets: Tomás Ortuño and Jaime I. In the first of them, the remaining part will be pedestrianized between Limones Street and Mars and Venus. In addition, Carrasco and Juan Bautista street will be operated with a municipal investment of 477,000 euros. In the case of Jaime I, , from Limones street to El Cruce, where the project will also be improved along with Atocha street. The deadline for execution is two months and the budget is 700,000 euros, half with funds from EDUSI.

Another project is the cycle lanes with 11 kilometers more of these roads with an investment of 985,000 euros (400,000 come from the Feder funds). The bike lane will be installed from the European Community with Europe to the Ermita de Sanz and in Comunidad Valenciana and Almirall Bernat de Sarrià. They will be added cycle routes in Severo Ochoa, Stockholm, Montecarlo or Romania, among others.

In addition, the City began on December 26 with the Asphalting Plan in more than 30 streets. The first ones, in the Els Tolls neighborhood but will also reach La Cala, Colonia Madrid (streets Florida and Orxeta and Avenida de Beniardà until El Cruce), or the center (Avenida l’Aigüera, Almendros street and the highways adjoining to Ramos Carratalá); and in the Corner of Loix, Calle London and Moscow. An investment of 580,000 euros and that will also include parking for emergency vehicles.

But that’s not all. There is an Accessibility Plan in progress , mainly in the Els Tolls neighborhood, the change of street lighting in streets such as Santander and adjacent avenues and the passage to led luminaires in Colonia Madrid and other neighborhoods. The new Séquia Mare park, the improvements in the cemeteries, the urbanization of the Partial Plan Poniente or the improvement in the park of l’Aigüera, as well as a long list of activities in the Ermita de Sanz, the SATE, are also underway. the administrative extension of Colonia Madrid or the pavements in playgrounds.


The City Council has made available to neighbors and interested persons the telephone number 618 172 988 where they can learn about the development of the work that will be executed in four phases in order to generate the least possible inconvenience to the users.

Basically it will be difficult in the coming months not to run into some roadworks when driving in town.



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