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Doorman shot in Benidorm, British man arrested.

Doorman shot in Benidorm, British man arrested.

Doorman shot in Benidorm, British man released from court.

Updates 14th September

The case was heard in court no 2 in Benidorm yesterday and the gentleman arrested for the events listed below has been released.  The court agreed to the release but with precautionary measures.  The detainee must appear in court every fifteen days, his passport has been withdrawn and the court has prohibited him from leaving the country. there is also on the ban on him approaching the victim (within 500 meters) or communicating with him in any way.

The arrested, being transferred yesterday by the National Police to the courts of Benidorm. DAVID REVENGA

The Prosecutor’s Office had requested that the detainee be imprisoned, while the private prosecution did not do so when considering the precautionary measures agreed by the court and that the victim has been compensated for the injuries caused.

The cause was opened for a gun crime causing injuries, the forensic report on the two gunshot wounds that the victim obtained indicates that none of them affected vital organs. One of the shots was received in the lower leg and a second more superficial bullet wound in the groin. The detainee lacked a background in Spain, where he has his residence and work.

Doorman shot in Benidorm, British man arrested.

Reported 11th September – The incident happened during the early hours of the morning *(2.30am)* at one of Benidorm´s most popular cabaret venues, located in the British area.


Two British men were refused entry into the venue by door-staff, as they were severely intoxicated.

Witnesses say that two drunk individuals tried to access the establishment. Seeing the condition they were in, the doorman refused to allow them access.

*After being refused entry they insisted and even tried to gain entry by using force.  Sources reported that after a struggle, one of the individuals withdrew from the place shouting and launching threats against the door staff.*

Later, one of the men returned by car, parked in front of the premises, got out of the vehicle and *fired up to three times, twice in the air with the third shot being aimed at the victims lower leg*

Photo – A police car in front of the disco where the incident occurred. Photo: David Revenga










Police sources state that the gunshot wounds were made by a small caliber weapon, which did not cause large wounds, and allowed the victim to chase his aggressor on foot.

A few meters from the scene, the victim found a Local Police car and informed the police of the incident. All units were immediately notified to carry out a search for the shooter, he was detained  a few minutes later on Avenue Ametlla del Mar.

The aggressor, whose weapon and ammunition was located inside his vehicle, according to the Local Police, was a 46-year-old British citizen.

*The alleged aggressor is a 46-year-old British citizen, National Police sources said investigators are collecting all information related to the detainee. In addition, they have informed the British authorities, to verify if he has a criminal record. Also the weapon and the ammunition used  is being checked to determine if the gun is related to other criminal acts.*

*The man who accompanied the alleged aggressor could not be located, although sources consulted indicate that he was not  involved as he was not present at the time the shooting occurred.*

*As for the doorman of the disco, he was a  citizen of Romanian nationality 38  years of age. He was treated at a private clinic in the Benidorm, where agents from the Local Police took his statement.  They report that he was discharged a short time later and was able to go home*

The detainee is expected to attend court *today and tomorrow*

Please note – The above story has been reported in the Spanish Press and has been translated above into English, some details may be lost in this translation.  The original story can be found at www.diarioinformacion.com


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