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Drunk Brits to be banned from Benidorm?

Drunk Brits to be banned from Benidorm?

Drunk Brits to be banned from Benidorm?

Over the last couple of days various British tabloids have run stories with the headlines “Boozy Brits to be BANNED from Benidorm for offensive behaviour”,  “BANIDORM Benidorm to BAN boozy Brits who cause trouble at Spanish resort” and “Benidorm to BAN unruly Brits behaving badly abroad”

To date we can find nothing official reported in local press or Statements released from the Town Hall to collaborate these stories which according to a reliable source seem to be a story regarding proposals made by a town hall in Mallorca, NOT  Benidorm

These stories also state “BENIDORM has followed Magaluf and Ibiza in cracking down on drunken louts, with a plan to blacklist troublemakers”.

“The list would detail the names, nationalities and passport numbers of anyone who has been arrested for behaving offensively or brawling” quotes from the thesun.co.uk

Local entertainer Gary Beddow Brown agrees with the ban, as would be the sentiments we are sure of most of Benidorm´s residents.

According to The Daily Star he was quoted as saying “Some tourists leave their brains at home and think they can get away with anything while abroad, usually something they wouldn’t consider doing at home”

“I’m all for a blacklist — people need to be held accountable.

“Why should local businesses be out of pocket for damage caused by people with no regard for others?”

Also stated is this quote “Already Happy hours and 2-4-1 drinking deals are banned with fines up to £2,500”. Again this is referring to Majorca, NOT Benidorm.



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El Jefe
El Jefe

This is unfair. Many other foreigners speak English to the Policia. Then get noted as brits but are Dutch. Russian. German etc.


I believe your comments to be accurate, however, the type of behavior described here is predominantly from large groups from the British Isles. I am not saying other nationalities do not behave like this, but it is Magaluf the article is referring to and other resorts popular with the British are experiencing similar problems.