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Duty Free Allowance from Spain to UK

Duty Free Allowance from Spain to UK

Duty Free Allowance from Spain to UK

Arrivals from EU countries – Correct details as of June 2017 from the official UK Government 

You don’t pay duty or tax on goods you bring in from the European Union (EU) as long as you:

  • transport them yourself
  • will use them yourself or give them away as a gift
  • have paid duty and tax in the country where you bought them

Customs checks

If a customs officer thinks you may be bringing in goods to sell, they may stop you to make checks and ask:

  • the type and quantity of goods you’ve bought
  • why you bought them
  • how you paid for them
  • how often you travel
  • how much you normally smoke or drink

Although there are no limits to the alcohol and tobacco you can bring in from EU countries, you’re more likely to be asked questions if you have more than the amounts below.

Type of goods Amount
Cigarettes 800
Cigars 200
Cigarillos 400
Tobacco 1kg
Beer 110 litres
Wine 90 litres
Spirits 10 litres
Fortified wine (eg sherry, port) 20 litres

(The Canary Islands, the north of Cyprus, Gibraltar and the Channel Islands are not part of the EU for customs purposes – follow the rules for countries outside the EU instead.)

And what it may change to after Brexit

Arrivals from outside the EU

Your duty-free allowance means you can bring in a certain amount of goods for your own use from outside the European Union (EU) without paying duty or tax.

When you’re bringing in goods you must:

  • transport them yourself
  • use them yourself or give them away as a gift

You can’t combine allowances with other people to bring in more than your individual allowance.

Declare any goods over your allowance. Your goods could be seized if you don’t declare them.

Alcohol allowance

How much you can bring depends on the type of drink. You can bring in:

  • beer – 16 litres
  • wine (not sparkling) – 4 litres

You can also bring in either:

  • spirits and other liquors over 22% alcohol – 1 litre
  • fortified wine (eg port, sherry), sparkling wine and alcoholic drinks up to 22% alcohol – 2 litres

You can split this last allowance, eg you could bring 1 litre of fortified wine and half a litre of spirits (both half of your allowance).

You may have to pay Excise Duty on alcohol you declare.

Tobacco allowance

You can bring in one from the following:

  • 200 cigarettes
  • 100 cigarillos
  • 50 cigars
  • 250g tobacco

You can split this allowance – so you could bring in 100 cigarettes and 25 cigars (both half of your allowance).

You may have to pay Excise Duty on tobacco you declare.

Alcohol and tobacco allowances if you’re under 17

There are no duty-free allowances for tobacco or alcohol if you’re under 17. You can bring alcohol and tobacco to the UK for your own use but you’ll have to pay duty or tax on them when you get to customs.

Allowance for other goods

You can bring in other goods worth up to £390 (or up to £270 if you arrive by private plane or boat).

If a single item’s worth more than your allowance you pay any duty or tax on its full value, not just the value above the allowance.

If you go over your allowance

You pay Customs Duty on anything you bring in above your allowance. The rate:

  • is 2.5% for goods worth up to £630
  • depends on the type of goods if they’re worth more than £630 – check by calling the VAT, Customs and Excise Helpline

You may also have to pay import VAT.

Import VAT

You may have to pay import VAT on the total value of the goods plus duty. The VAT rates are the standard UK rates.


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Colin Gallivan

What will happen to duty free after brexit?

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Is this duty free allowance 10lt of spirits per person


How much are 200 Superking black cigs and 10x 50g Amber leaf at the moment?


How much tobacco and fags can I bring back from Benidorm please are there’s right ?

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yes the above information is correct